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GPT-4 writing copilot for teams saving up to 6 hours per week.
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Linguix is a GPT-4-based writing and productivity tool designed for teams. It is an AI-assisted writing copilot that aids in creating efficient and clear messages for a wide range of communication tasks, from creating email content to preparing Google Documents.

The tool aims to save time for its users, letting AI handle the writing while they focus on their tasks. It comes with features such as an AI-based rewriter, content scoring system, style guides, and team writing insights.

These features collectively help to improve productivity, improve the clarity and tone of the output, reduce repetitive typing, and ensure a professional and trustful communication style within a team.

In addition, Linguix caters to the needs of diverse business verticals, including sales, marketing, and customer support teams, by providing role-specific assistance such as intelligent paraphrasing for sales pitches or AI-fueled grammar and style suggestions for marketing teams.

The platform, which is compatible with various web applications, offers a browser extension to reduce the time spent on writing. It also includes reporting capabilities for monitoring team communication quality, aiding in early identification and mitigation of content-related issues.


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Linguix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free writing assistant tool
Advanced language insights
360-degree analytics view
Grammar, brevity, engaging phrases detection
Corporate cliches identifier
Offers Content Quality Score
Engagement, readability, client style guide metrics
Integration with Google Docs, Wordpress, etc.
Integration with Mailchimp, Facebook Business Manager
210,000+ trusted users
Positive customer reviews
Featured on Google Chrome Store
Featured on Product Hunt, G2
SEO content GPT-4 writing
Efficient for team communication
Aids efficient, clear messages
Time-saving tool
Content scoring system
Provides style guides
Offers team writing insights
Reduces repetitive typing
Ensures professional, trustful communication
Role-specific assistance (sales, marketing, etc.)
Browser extension for time reduction
Reporting capabilities for team communication
Early issue identification and mitigation
Caters to business verticals
Boosts productivity, clarity, and tone
Intelligent paraphrasing for sales pitches
Compatible with various web applications
Improves email open rates
Analyzes text considering various factors
Assists in on-brand communication
Monitor team communication quality
Ease of use, setup, support
Aids multiple business verticals
Easily onboard your team
Track quality of communications
Create compelling intro messages, proposals
Shortcuts to answer frequent requests
Turbo app for customer support
Helps close tickets fast
Highly-rated UI and chrome extension
Expands templates with one-word command
Provides in-depth employee activity reports
Can interface with numerous business apps


Limited language support
No offline mode
No mobile application
Limited integration options
Lack of customization
No multi-language support
No voice typing
Lacks plagiarism checker
Subjectivity in content scoring
Limited user interface customization

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