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Empower your website with custom chatbots!
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Linked Forge AI is an AI-driven tool designed to enhance websites by providing users with the capability to create customizable chatbots. These chatbots can be used to automate customer service on websites, delivering enhanced user engagement and support.

Linked Forge AI is designed with a user-friendly interface requiring no coding skills or APIs, making it possible for even non-technical users to build, link, and optimize AI-driven conversations.

The process involves registering for an account, creating a chatbot assistant and integrating it into the website. The chatbot assistant can then engage with the audience autonomously, providing customer service and engagement.

Linked Forge AI also offers different plans, including a free tier and a pro plan providing additional customization and support. The chatbot integrates into the right corner of your website, readily available to have responsive interactions with the site's visitors.


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Pros and Cons


Customizable chatbots
No coding skills needed
Supports non-technical users
Easy chatbot integration
Autonomous audience engagement
Multiple plans offered
Free tier available
Offers pro plan
Responsive website interactions
Automated customer service
User-friendly interface
Quick setup
Priority email support
Up to 10k messages
Create multiple assistants
Ready chat availability
Increases user engagement
Website enhancement
No API required
Unlimited conversations in plans
Affordable Pro Plan
Account registration simplicity
Clear instructions provided
Placement in website corner
Easy chatbot creation


Limited chatbot positioning
No code transparency
Limited free plan
Limited assistants
Payment required for support
No multi-language support
No API integration
No customization without upgrade


What is Linked Forge AI?
How does Linked Forge AI enhance websites?
Is coding skill required to use Linked Forge AI?
What functionalities are provided by the chatbots created with Linked Forge AI?
How is the chatbot created using Linked Forge AI integrated into a website?
What is the process of creating a chatbot with Linked Forge AI?
How do the chatbots interact with website visitors?
What are the different plans offered by Linked Forge AI?
Is there a free plan available for Linked Forge AI and what does it include?
What additional features does the pro plan of Linked Forge AI provide?
How does the chatbot provide increased user engagement and support?
Does Linked Forge require API for chatbot creation?
Where does the chatbot appear on my website?
How does Linked Forge AI optimize AI-driven conversations?
Can non-technical users effectively use Linked Forge AI?
How does Linked Forge AI's chatbot autonomously engage with the audience?
What level of customization is offered with the Pro Plan?
How easy is it to get started with Linked Forge AI?
How do I give instructions to my chatbot assistant created with Linked Forge AI?
What's the maximum limit of messages I can send with Linked Forge AI's Pro Plan?

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