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Helps write concise LinkedIn posts.
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Linked XP is a micro-app that enhances a user’s LinkedIn experience. Powered by AI, Linked XP assists users in making the right moves on the platform by offering personalized writing tips and rewriting features.

This allows users to navigate the platform with confidence and etiquette, while also avoiding API rate limits. Linked XP is made by Mighil and is free to use.

It is part of a suite of free micro-apps, including Gen Z Translator, Welma, Begone Spammer, and This Product Does Not Exist. These are all available through a single login and are connected to Studio M64, which can be found on email, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Linked XP offers users the ability to announce a new job, congratulate someone, decline invitations professionally, and rewrite posts with clarity. With its AI-assisted features, it provides users with an elevated LinkedIn experience.


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Linked XP was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized writing tips
Rewriting feature
Avoids API rate limits
Single login for suite
Announces new job features
Decline invitations professionally
Enhances clarity in posts
Free to use
Micro-app format
Connects to social platforms
Integrated with Studio M64
Avoids platform overcrowding
Encourages LinkedIn etiquette
Gen Z translator included
Available Wellma app
Begone Spammer tool included
Access to non-existent products
Helps congratulate connections
Elevates LinkedIn experience


Limited to LinkedIn
No offline functionality
Lacks multi-platform support
No in-built Grammar checker
No post scheduling feature
Single user login only
Lacks analytics feature
No mobile application
No language translation feature


What is Linked XP?
How does Linked XP enhance the LinkedIn experience?
What is the main function of Linked XP?
How does the AI in Linked XP work?
What are the key features of Linked XP?
How can I use Linked XP to announce a new job?
How can Linked XP help me decline invitations professionally?
How does Linked XP help in rewriting posts with enhanced clarity?
Who has made Linked XP?
What other apps are connected with Linked XP?
What is Studio M64?
How can I get in touch with the makers of Linked XP?
Why do I need to login to use Linked XP?
What will happen if I don't log in when using Linked XP?
How can Linked XP assist me in managing API rate limits?
Is Linked XP free to use?
Does Linked XP offer usage tips that are personalized?
What other LinkedIn etiquette can Linked XP assist me with?
How can Linked XP elevate my LinkedIn experience?
Can I use Linked XP to congratulate someone professionally?

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