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Assisted LinkedIn comment writing.
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LinkedIn Comment AI is a chrome extension tool that assists LinkedIn creators in commenting more effectively, efficiently, and faster on LinkedIn. With an aim to boost engagement and growth on LinkedIn, it is powered by OpenAI GPT to provide assistance in making better comments.

The tool provides its users with free daily comments that can help create a lasting impression on the audience. The tool allows the users to extract content from images and carousel to further enhance the commenting process.

LinkedIn Comment AI saves time as it has a one-click feature to engage with the favourite creator. It is exclusively designed for comment-based engagement, and users can use this tool to post comments with or without images and carousels.

The tool is easy to download for the users as the extension is available on the Chrome web store. This tool offers various features that make it an ideal choice for LinkedIn creators who want to increase their engagement and growth.

The tool is legally compliant, with terms and conditions and a privacy policy in place to ensure the safety and security of user data. LinkedIn Comment AI aims to provide a seamless and effortless commenting experience for LinkedIn creators.


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LinkedIn Comment AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension tool
Boosts engagement on LinkedIn
Provides daily free comments
Extracts content from images
Extracts content from carousels
Saves time with one-click feature
Designed for comment-based engagement
Posts with or without visuals
Easily downloadable
Legally compliant
Safeguards user data
Effortless commenting experience
Assists in effective commenting
Targets LinkedIn creators
Aids in platform growth


Chrome Extension Only
No Mobile Support
Limited to LinkedIn
Unavailable for other browsers
No mention of multilingual support
Unclear data usage
Restricted to commenting only
Limited free usage
No offline functionality


What is LinkedIn Comment AI?
How can LinkedIn Comment AI boost engagement on LinkedIn?
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How does LinkedIn Comment AI utilize OpenAI GPT?
How does the AI enhance the comment writing process?
Can I extract content from images and carousels using LinkedIn Comment AI for my comments?
What makes LinkedIn Comment AI time-efficient?
Who is LinkedIn Comment AI designed for?
Is LinkedIn Comment AI available on the Chrome web store?
Is LinkedIn Comment AI legally compliant?
How does LinkedIn Comment AI ensure user data safety and security?
How user-friendly is LinkedIn Comment AI?
Can I engage with my favourite creators using LinkedIn Comment AI?
Can I post comments with images and carousels using LinkedIn Comment AI?
How does LinkedIn Comment AI help in creating a lasting impression on the audience?
Can I use LinkedIn Comment AI for free?
Do I need to sign up to use LinkedIn Comment AI?
How does LinkedIn Comment AI assist in comment-based engagement?
What does the 'one-click' feature of LinkedIn Comment AI do?
Does LinkedIn Comment AI aid in growth on LinkedIn?

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