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Personalize messages for LinkedIn outreach.
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LinkoAI is an AI-driven tool designed to help people maximize the potential of their LinkedIn outreach. It enables users to create personalized messages, tailored to specific goals, with the help of AI.

The user inputs a LinkedIn profile URL, a sender's name, a message type, a friendly, funny, or professional style, and a goal. The tool then generates a message in just a few seconds and can even add emojis for an extra touch.

LinkoAI is easy to use and perfect for LinkedIn creators, recruiters, salespeople, and anyone looking to grow their following. It offers a free trial with 10 credits and a premium package with 150 credits per month.

The extra credits pack contains 150 credits with no expiry. LinkoAI is a great tool to help users save time and increase response rates.

LinkoAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalizes LinkedIn messages
Tailored to specific goals
User-friendly interface
Supports various messaging styles
Emojis inclusion feature
Increases response rates
Free trial available
Offers premium package
No expiry on extra credits
Ideal for LinkedIn creators
Useful for recruiters
Beneficial for salespeople
Helps in audience building
14-day refund for unused credits
Easy credit system
Cost effective
Prompt output generation
Inspiration feature for message generation


No multi-language support
Only works with LinkedIn
Limited free trial
Confined to predefined message types
No batch processing
Credit-based usage
No API integration
Single style options
No analytics or performance metrics
No text/image formatting features


What is LinkoAI?
How does LinkoAI work?
Who can benefit from using LinkoAI?
Is there a free trial for LinkoAI?
What am I able to do with the free trial of LinkoAI?
How much does LinkoAI cost?
What does the premium package of LinkoAI offer?
What is the 'extra credits pack' of LinkoAI?
Can I add emojis to my messages with LinkoAI?
How fast is LinkoAI in generating messages?
What type of messages can I create with LinkoAI?
How can LinkoAI help me increase my LinkedIn response rates?
What type of information do I need to input to generate a message with LinkoAI?
Can LinkoAI auto-generate LinkedIn posts as well as messages?
What are credits in LinkoAI?
What happens if I run out of credits on LinkoAI?
Can I use LinkoAI if I'm not familiar with AI tools?
Does LinkoAI offer refund options?
Is it possible to use a professional style message with LinkoAI?
Can I request for a contact with LinkoAI?


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