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Efficient creation of custom LinkedIn messages.
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LinkOut is a tool that helps users create personalized LinkedIn cold messages with a single click. This tool is designed to save users time and effort by automatically generating custom messages instead of using copy-pasted messages, increasing response rates and connection rates.

It integrates with the Firefox and Chrome browsers and is available as a free trial with no need for a credit card. LinkOut also provides a range of other features, such as examples of improved messages, the ability to optimize quality and quantity of messages, and legal imprints and privacy policies.

It is made and hosted in the EU, and is available for free for users to try. LinkOut is a useful tool for anyone seeking to create personalized LinkedIn cold messages in a quick and efficient manner.


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LinkOut was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Custom LinkedIn messages
Single click operation
Improves response rates
Boosts connection rates
Integrates with browsers
Free trial available
No credit card needed
Example improved messages provided
Optimizes message quality
Optimizes message quantity
Includes legal imprints
Includes privacy policies
Made in EU
Hosted in EU
Saves time
Saves effort
Avoids copy-pasting
Free to use
Efficient message creation
Automatic message generation
Suitable for cold messages
Increases signup rates


Only integrates with Firefox and Chrome
No mobile app available
Made and hosted only in EU
No API mentioned for automation
No multilingual support mentioned
Cannot customize their pre-made messages
May violate Linkedin terms and conditions
Personal details may be misused
Limited free version
Messages can be seen as spam


What is LinkOut?
How does LinkOut work?
What is the goal of LinkOut?
Is LinkOut free to use?
Do I need a credit card to try LinkOut's free trial?
Can I use LinkOut with Firefox and Chrome browsers?
How does LinkOut increase my LinkedIn connection rate?
How does LinkOut save users time and effort in writing LinkedIn messages?
Where is LinkOut made and hosted?
Can LinkOut optimize both quality and quantity of my LinkedIn messages?
What results can I expect from using LinkOut?
Does LinkOut have legal imprints and privacy policies?
Are there any examples of LinkedIn messages improved by LinkOut?
Where can I sign up for LinkOut?
How have people's responses been improved by LinkOut?
What other features does LinkOut offer?
Can LinkOut automatically create custom LinkedIn messages?
What makes LinkOut better than copy-pasting?
How does LinkOut integrate with my browser?
What is the process to get started with LinkOut?

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