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Resume analysis and summary for recruiters, saves time.
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Lisa is an AI assistant that offers a time-saving solution for recruiters and hiring managers. By using machine learning algorithms, Lisa is able to swiftly review resumes, saving users an average of 80% of the time they would typically spend on this task.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, Lisa is highly accurate and efficient in analyzing resumes, providing recruiters with significant time savings and a 6x return on investment.To get started with Lisa, users can create a free account easily by signing up with their Google account or email address.

No credit card is required for registration. Once registered, users can enter their job description, whether it's a detailed description or a few sentences outlining what they are looking for.

Then, they can upload as many resumes as they want for Lisa to analyze.After the analysis, Lisa ranks each resume from best to worst, providing a summary of key information.

This enables recruiters to quickly browse the results and identify the most relevant candidates efficiently.Lisa has been highly regarded by professional recruiters, who praise its accuracy and ease of use.

Recruiters testify that Lisa revolutionizes the resume review process, saving hours of valuable time and becoming a must-have tool for busy recruiters.With unlimited resume uploads and job descriptions, Lisa offers flexibility and scalability to its users.

It is a game-changer for recruiters seeking an efficient solution to streamline their hiring process. Sign up for a free account today and experience the time-saving benefits of Lisa.


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Sep 1, 2023
Cant recommend it enough
Aug 25, 2023
Incredibly useful! Love it!

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Pros and Cons


Saves 80% time on average
Provides 6x return on investment
User-friendly interface
Free account creation
No credit card needed for registration
Accepts detailed job descriptions
Accepts brief job descriptions
Unlimited resume uploads
Swift resume analysis
Ranks resumes by relevance
Summarizes key resume information
Review of best to worst candidates
Highly accurate analysis
Flexible tool
Scalable for any number of resumes
Google sign up option
Email sign up option
Praised by professional recruiters
Efficient candidate filtering
Requires minimal input
Unlimited job descriptions uploads


No API Mentioned
Dependent on Predefined Algorithms
No Multilingual Support
No Integration with HR Platforms
Lacks Customizability
No Mobile Version
No Offline Functionality
Not Open-Source
Limited User Control
No Mention of Data Security


What is Lisa?
How does Lisa save time for recruiters?
How accurate is Lisa's resume analysis?
How does Lisa rank the resumes?
What is the return on investment with Lisa?
How can I sign up for Lisa?
Do I need a credit card to register for Lisa?
What information do I need to provide for Lisa to start analyzing resumes?
How many resumes can Lisa analyze at once?
What summary information does Lisa provide about the resumes?
Why do professional recruiters recommend Lisa?
How does Lisa change the hiring process?
Does Lisa have a limit on resume uploads?
Does Lisa have a limit on job descriptions?
How long does it take Lisa to review a resume?
Can Lisa work with any job description?
Can Lisa sort resumes according to job description requirements?
Is Lisa easy to use?
What platforms is Lisa available on?
What happens after Lisa has analyzed the resumes?

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