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Real-time, cost effective accessibility for your meetings.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-based service offering real-time captioning solutions. The primary functionality of the platform is to provide live and on-demand captioning for meetings and conferences.

With a focus on accessibility, the tool significantly reduces barriers for those who are hard of hearing. The system provides instant integration of captions and interactive transcripts into the user's service.

No basic programming skills are required for this integration which serves to optimize user experience. The service also features real-time processing, which allows users to obtain captions and interactive transcripts alongside their RTMP stream.

This functionality also extends to the captioning of pre-recorded media. supports a multitude of languages and dialects, allowing users to choose from a range of about 140 language options, including English, German, French, and Spanish.

The process of using the service is simplified into scheduling the event, customizing and embedding the widgets into the user's website, and then having the captions or interactive transcript displayed in real-time.

For more advanced usages, the system provides a programmatic API, enabling users to automate their captioning services.

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Pros and Cons


Real-time processing
Cost-effective solution
Supports 140 languages
Easy integration
No programming knowledge required
Processing for recorded media
Programmable API
Interactive transcripts
Optimizes user experience
Simplified usage process
Embeddable widgets
Automatable captioning services
Caters to multilingual audiences
Regulatory compliance support
Real-time caption display
Accessibility for hard of hearing
Supports live meetings and conferences
User-centric design
Service customization
RTMP stream support
Enhanced data provision to users


No offline usage
Dependent on RTMP stream
Requires integration to website
No customization of captions
API usage requires programming
Dependence on event scheduling
Limited to 140 languages
No stated accuracy


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What is the 'interactive transcript' that mentions?
Can I use for live meetings and conferences?
Can I use if my audience is hard of hearing?
What is the programmable API offered by
Can I automate my service?
What is the user experience like with
How does integrate with my RTMP stream?
What are the main features of
Can help in meeting regulatory compliance?
How does make meetings and conferences more accessible?
How is the quality of's captioning service?

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