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Live transcripts for events.
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The AI Based Live Captioning Service by is a real-time, cost-effective solution for providing captions during meetings and conferences.

The service offers live captioning and interactive transcripts, which can be integrated into any service easily without requiring programming knowledge.

The tool provides real-time processing to offer live captions and interactive transcripts alongside an RTMP stream, such as from WOWZA, and can also generate captions for already recorded media.

The platform supports almost 140 languages and dialects, including English, German, French, and Spanish, making it multilingual. The AI-based service is offered in three easy steps: schedule the event, customize and copy widgets to the website, and display the captions/interactive transcript in real-time. also provides a programmable API, which enables users to automate their service. The tool's main features include cost-effectiveness, easy integration, real-time captioning, real-time processing, multilingual support, and a programmable API.Overall, with its efficient and effective features, this AI-based tool by offers an excellent solution to make events more accessible by providing real-time captions and interactive transcripts, catering to multilingual audiences and helping organizations meet regulatory compliance.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time captioning
Interactive transcripts
Easy integration
Supports 140 languages
No programming knowledge needed
Automatable with API
Works with RTMP stream
Can subtitle recorded media
Event scheduling functionalities
Widget customization
Supports popular languages
Meet regulatory compliance
Accessible for multilingual audiences


Delay in real-time processing
Inaccurate captions
Difficult to customize widgets
RTMP stream limitations
No offline caption generation
140 languages but may lack dialect precision
Complex API integration
Limited multilingual support accuracy
Restricted to scheduled events
Dependent on internet connection


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What is the cost of using
How quickly can I expect captions from
Does offer a programmable API?
What type of events can I use for?
Does support dialects in addition to languages?
Do I need programming skills to use
What is the interactive transcript feature on
What is the process to schedule an event on
How does ensure regulatory compliance?
Does offer both live and on-demand captions?
Can I customize the widgets on
How does handle multiple languages during a single event?
What support is available if I have issues using

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