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LLMChess is an AI tool that uses GPT models to play chess with users. To operate, users need to select the GPT model they have access to with their API key.

The game is played with white pieces and starts when the "Start" button changes to "End." If users need to restart the game, they can either reload the browser or use the "End" button.

The tool provides logs that appear in the right-hand pane with a black border during the game. According to the creator, LLMChess has been tested in the Google Chrome browser.

Max Hager creates LLMChess and provides additional information on how the game functions and how to participate on his website. The game relies on GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4 models to make intelligent moves.

It is unclear how these models were trained and whether they are pre-trained or fine-tuned on chess datasets. There is also no information provided on the accuracy of the models or how difficult they are to beat.

Overall, LLMChess is an interesting tool that allows users to play chess against GPT models. However, the lack of information on the training data and model accuracy may make it challenging for potential users to evaluate its performance.


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Pros and Cons


Uses GPT models
API key access
Playable on browser
Game restart functionality
Provides game logs
Compatible with Google Chrome
Online participation guidance
GPT-3.5-turbo model used
GPT-4 model used
Created by Max Hager
Playable with white pieces
Start/End button for control


Limited to Chrome browser
Requires specific GPT Models
Manual game restart required
No model training info
Unclear model difficulty
No API key included
Only plays with white
No multi-platform support
Depends on 'Start'/'End' button
No accuracy information


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Is LLMChess only supported on Google Chrome browser?
Who created LLMChess?
Where can I find more information about LLMChess?
What is the role of GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4 in LLMChess?
How were the GPT models trained for LLMChess?
What is the level of difficulty to beat the AI in LLMChess?
Is there any information about the accuracy of the models used in LLMChess?
Can I select the difficulty level for the game in LLMChess?
Are the GPT models pre-trained or fine-tuned on chess datasets for LLMChess?
Does LLMChess provide any user manual or guidelines?
What color pieces do I play as in LLMChess?
Does LLMChess need an API key to operate?
Is there any specific way to end a game in LLMChess?
Can we play LLMChess on other browsers besides Google Chrome?

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