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Local Falcon is an AI-powered tool designed for tracking local SEO and boosting business visibility in search engine results. It presents its results in a visual, map-based format, enabling users to get a comprehensive overview of local search rankings from any global location.

Local Falcon introduces an innovative metric called Share Of Local Voice (SOLV), which measures the frequency of a business's appearance in the local Map Pack, impacting its local search visibility.

Users can use it by inputting their locations, keywords, and scan settings to get valuable insights about their local SEO performance. Moreover, it can be beneficial to businesses of various sizes, making the complicated task of local SEO more straightforward.

Its features are versatile and adaptable, ensuring business needs are met effectively. Beyond providing local rankings, Local Falcon offers features including competitor tracking, enhancing local SEO decision-making, and obtaining organic keyword rankings.

It also provides real-time reporting, trends, and keyword reports for tracking changes in consumer behavior and search interests, which helps in staying ahead of trends and adapting promptly.

Moreover, professionals can use it for prospecting, selling, reporting, and monitoring in their unique industries.


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Dec 15, 2023
Local SEO has never been easier. The Local Falcon AI recommendations have worked so well that our ranking has has increased by 8 to 10 positions for literally five of the keywords that people use to find our business. Now they have Apple Maps/ Apple Business Connect rank tracking too (no AI recommendations for Apple Maps yet though - but I would guess that is coming soon). Super impressed.

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Pros and Cons


Map-based SEO visualization
Unique SOLV metric
Adaptable to various businesses
Competitor SEO tracking
Enables local SEO decision-making
Real-time keyword reports
Trends tracking
Useful for prospecting
Aid for selling
Effective for monitoring
Improves business visibility
Versatility in features
Accurate local rank tracking
Real-time reporting
Flexible for unique industries
Multiple payment plans
Presentation-ready reporting
Side-by-side competitor comparison
Heatmaps for data visualization
Availability of public shareable reports
Google Business Profile integration
Zapier integration
Options for customization
Offers trend and keyword reports
In-depth local SEO guidance
Detailed customer behavior tracking
Useful for all professionals
White-label features
API playground
Looker Studio integration
Feature enrichment tool
Bulk Place ID Lookup
Campaign group locations
Keyword Suggestions with estimations
User-friendly report formats


Complex to understand SOLV
Limited to local SEO
Focus only on Map Pack
No global SEO insights
Not useful for non-geographical searches
Over reliance on Google Map Pack
Lacks diverse report types
Limited versatility for varied industries
Exclusively for businesses of certain sizes
Reliance on user-inputted keywords


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Can professionals use Local Falcon for prospecting, selling, reporting, and monitoring?
Does Local Falcon provide organic keyword rankings?
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