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Premium 3D mockup generator for logos.
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Logo-mockup.com is an online tool that allows users to create premium mockups of their logos. To use the tool, users simply need to upload their logo and the platform automatically generates high-resolution 3D renderings.

The generated mockups can be downloaded as a package file in zip format and contain JPG files in Full HD resolution without any watermark. Users are free to make changes to the mockup files after they are downloaded using image editing software.

The tool is designed for both private and commercial use and users have the right to share the renderings they purchase on their websites or social media accounts.

However, recognizable people must not be portrayed in a bad light or in any offensive way. Users must purchase the mockups to use them for private or commercial purposes as distribution or sale of thumbnails or watermarked renderings (without purchasing them) is not allowed.

The exemplary logos provided by the tool are attributed to their creators, rights holders, and original sources such as www.logoipsum.com and its artists.

Overall, Logo-mockup.com is a useful tool for individuals or businesses looking to visualize their logos in different contexts and settings.


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Jul 11, 2023
literary anyone can do what this website does
May 25, 2023
1. you can get more professional results with Placeit.net 2. the results are quite childish 3. the size of the free version is ridiculous Suggestion, rather let people download 1 full resolution (to see the real quality) and preview the rest,

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Pros and Cons


Premium 3D logo mockups
High-resolution renderings
Downloadable as zip file
Contains Full HD JPGs
No watermark on mockups
Editable after download
Allows both commercial and private use
Permits sharing on websites and social media
Clear and detailed FAQ
Attributed exemplary logos
Rights-respecting tool
Embeddable on websites


No editing features
JPG output only
No free usage
No social sharing integration
Premium mockups purchase required
No multi-upload feature
No individual file editing
No watermark removal options
No direct printing option


What is Logo-mockup?
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Can I edit the mockups after downloading?
Can I use Logo-mockup for commercial purposes?
Is it free to use Logo-mockup?
Do I need to purchase the mockups before using them?
Can I share mockups on my social media channels?
Can I share mockups on my website?
Where do the logos provided by Logo-mockup come from?
What kind of image resolution does Logo-mockup offer?
Can I use Logo-mockup if I didn't create the logo?
Why is there no watermark on the generated mockups?
Can I ask for customized editing of the mockups?
Does Logo-mockup generate 3D renderings?
Is there a trial version for Logo-mockup?
Is it possible to distribute or sell the thumbnails?
What are the available modes of payment for Logo-mockup?
Can I portray recognisable people in a bad light using Logo-mockup?
What is the purpose of the Logo-mockup site?

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