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Generate professional logos easily.
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Logorax is an AI logo generator designed specifically for professionals, including entrepreneurs, designers, agencies, and other professionals in need of high-quality logos.

This tool leverages artificial intelligence to simplify the logo design process, making it affordable, simple, and enjoyable.The platform offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to create top-notch logos without requiring advanced design skills.

With Logorax, users can quickly generate unique and impactful logo designs by utilizing an AI trained on iconic logos and design theory.One of the key advantages of Logorax is its affordability, offering professional-grade logos at a fraction of the price typically associated with custom designs.

The resulting logos are provided in a vector format, ensuring sharpness and versatility across various applications, from t-shirts to billboards.Furthermore, Logorax grants users full ownership and copyright of their logos, eliminating any strings attached to the generated designs.

The tool also presents an option to browse through a selection of ready-made logos, offering a convenient solution for those in need of immediate branding assets.Logorax positions itself as more than just a tool; it claims to be a game-changer and a partner for dreamers, doers, solo players, and team leaders in need of exceptional logo designs.

By leveraging their team's extensive experience in branding and early adoption of visual AI technology, Logorax provides insights on logo and branding trends to further assist professionals in their logo creation process.


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Nov 2, 2023
not even operational....they ask you to make an account and then they tell you their service will be available soon. LOL
Oct 22, 2023
Deceptive marketing strategy for lead generation.

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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
No advanced design skills required
Trained on iconic logos
Professional-grade affordable logos
Vector format output
Grants full ownership
Copyright free logos
Ready-made logo browsing
Insights on logo trends
Perfect for professionals
Exceptional logo quality
Informed by branding experience
Logo and branding advice
Quick logo generation
Cost-effective branding solution
Elevates branding aesthetics
Designed for varied users
Supports varied applications
Promotes design simplicity
Empowers non-designer users
Challenges traditional design processes


No collaboration feature
No mobile app version
Only outputs in vector format
No feedback or review feature
Can't import existing logos
No option for logo revisions
No advanced design tools
No multi-language support
Can't save logo drafts


What is Logorax?
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Can Logorax be used by professionals with no advanced design skills?
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In what format are the logos generated by Logorax provided?
Is there an option to browse pre-made logos on Logorax?
Who owns the copyright of logos generated by Logorax?
How quickly can users generate logos using Logorax?
Who is the intended target audience of Logorax?
Does Logorax provide insights on logo and branding trends?
How is Logorax different from traditional logo design tools?
Is there support for professionals in their logo creation process on Logorax?
Does Logorax have an AI training model?
What quality of logos does Logorax provide?
Is Logorax suitable for creating immediate branding assets?
Can freelance designers benefit from using Logorax?
How can Logorax elevate your branding?
What is the benefit of AI logo makers for quick logo creation for enterprise?
How does Logorax empower design and marketing agency owners?
Is Logorax a standalone logo generator or does it offer other features as well?

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