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Assisted meeting scheduling and management.
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Loopin AI is an intelligent calendar workspace that utilizes AI technology to offer solutions for all questions related to meeting outcomes and people you have met.

It helps automate event planning, schedules meetings, and provides summaries in your writing tone. The tool comes with a spotlight assistant that can provide answers to anything and everything on your calendar, including meetings, notes, or tasks.

With features like delegation and automation of tasks, Loopin AI is an ideal companion for your workday. The tool offers AI suggested meetings, tasks, and people to meet, which you can pick and keep, while the remainder of the planning is left in Loopin AI's hands.Loopin AI's meeting assistant connects relevant meetings automatically and provides summarized context for your upcoming calls.

The tool records, transcribes, and summarizes the meeting in your writing tone, allowing you to send out beautiful meeting summaries in one-click. Additionally, you can generate agenda and templates for meetings automatically from meeting descriptions.

The tool allows you to get reminders on people you haven't met in a while, schedule meetings without the back and forth, and import previous conversation from GDocs, Notion, Otter, or anywhere else.

The Loopin AI's functionality is available as web, Chrome extension, Slack App, and Zoom App. Overall, Loopin AI is an all-in-one solution that can help you meet better, work better, and win together.


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Pros and Cons


Automates event planning
Schedules meetings
Writes summaries in your tone
Spotlight assistant answers queries
Delegates and automates tasks
Suggests meetings, tasks, people
Connects relevant meetings automatically
Transcribes and records meetings
One-click meeting summaries
Automatic agenda and templates
Reminds about people not met
Imports previous conversation
Available as web, Chrome, Slack, Zoom apps
Generates beautiful summaries
No back and forth for scheduling
Personalized meeting management


Limited integration options
Lack dependency management
May overwrite existing meetings
Limited customization options
Requires heavy permissions
Transcription accuracy variates
Only web and Chrome versions
Limited customer support hours
Waitlist to use tool
Potentially sensitive data handling


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How can Loopin AI improve my workday?
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Can Loopin AI delegate and automate tasks?
How does Loopin AI connect relevant meetings automatically?
Can I get answers to any questions on my calendar by using Loopin AI?
Can Loopin AI work as a Chrome extension, Slack App, or Zoom App?
How can I try Loopin AI for free?

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