Boosting productivity in customer-facing team meetings.

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AI Meeting Assistant that records, transcribes & summarises your important meetings so you never have to take a manual note again! Missed a meeting or can’t recall important details? Just “ask” Loopin. Automate the mundane and make meetings actionable with Loopin

Loopin Features:
LoopinAI is the first AI Meeting assistant that records & truly summarises your meetings into key decisions, next steps or important highlights

Focus on the conversation while LoopinAI records, transcribes, and summarises the meeting in your writing tone. 🪄📝
Customise your summaries using meeting specific templates 🗒️
Exclusive bragging rights by sharing precise meeting summaries in one click 😉
Learn insights from your meetings like "Consolidate feedback from all my customer meetings" & LoopinAI Assistant will provide you with the right context. 💬
Send Summaries to meeting participants over Email, Slack or Notion 📨
Invite your team to collaborate on the meeting summaries - Real Time! 👥
Create and Assign Action items from the meeting summaries. ✅
Automatic follow up on action items over Slack! 🔁
Create Agenda Talking points for the meeting and notify the participants. 📑

Loopin is recommended as the best meeting companion tool used by all:

Customer facing teams: To consolidate important feedback from all customer calls 💬
HR Leaders: For their Interview and Performance review meetings ⭐️
UX/UI Researchers: To conduct User Testing and pen down major highlights 🤖
Product Managers: To capture user feedback and work on it 🤝
Tech Teams: For running their sprint, planning and roadmap meetings.⚡️
Investors: To get insights from all startup pitches in last few weeks 📊
& many more teams use LoopinAI! 🚀
Loopin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Concise meeting summaries
Automated recaps
Easy context switching
Conversational-style chat feature
Automated note sharing
Task capturing from multiple sources
Works with Gmail, Slack, Zoom, Notion, HubSpot, Microsoft Office
Reduces need for FYI meetings
Improves remote collaboration
Directly shares meeting notes to Slack and Notion
Synchronizes meeting notes to CRM
Converting emails into tasks
Resurfaces related meetings and notes
Shows aggregated view of tasks
Facilitates task management
Automatically transcribes meeting recordings
Eliminates need for manual note-taking
Connects related meetings for easy switch
Drives accountability by directly sharing meeting notes
Manages tasks from various sources for productive workdays


No Mobile App
Requires Google Workspace account
Not for Individual Users
Limited Integration with non-listed platforms
Recording feature dependent on meeting platform
Security concerns with data handling
No offline Mode available
CRM Sync feature limited to Hubspot
Reliant on Email for Notifications


What is Loopin HQ?
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How does Loopin HQ handle note sharing?
Does Loopin HQ offer a conversational-style chat feature?
Can I use Loopin HQ to manage tasks?
Can Loopin HQ connect related meetings together?
What does Loopin HQ mean by 'context switching' between meetings?
What are the productivity benefits of using Loopin HQ?
Does Loopin HQ offer a trial or free version?
How does Loopin HQ help with meeting momentum?
Is Loopin HQ suitable for customer-facing teams?
How does Loopin HQ ensure my data is secure?
What kind of tasks can I capture with Loopin HQ?
What role does Loopin HQ play in maintaining accountability in team meetings?
How does Loopin HQ enhance remote collaboration?
Can Loopin HQ help me reduce the number of FYI meetings?
How does Loopin HQ utilize my recent emails?
How can I share meeting notes directly on Slack using Loopin HQ?

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