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Freelancer contract vetting and risk assessment
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Loya_AIBot is an AI chatbot designed specifically for freelancers and businesses to instantly check and verify contracts. This tool can be accessed via the popular messaging app Telegram, allowing users to communicate with Loya_AIBot directly.The primary function of Loya_AIBot is to provide contract checking services.

Freelancers and businesses can send their contracts to the chatbot, and it will quickly analyze and evaluate the documents for accuracy and potential issues.

This feature saves time and effort for users, enabling them to receive contract feedback almost instantly.By utilizing AI technology, Loya_AIBot offers accurate and efficient contract analysis.

It can detect common errors, inconsistencies, and potential risks within the documents. This helps users identify and address any legal or financial concerns that may arise from their contracts.Loya_AIBot's integration with Telegram ensures convenient access to its services.

Users can send their contracts and communicate with the chatbot directly through the app. It eliminates the need for additional software or complicated processes, making contract checking a seamless and straightforward experience.Whether you are a freelancer or a business entity, Loya_AIBot can be a valuable resource for contract verification and risk assessment.

With its AI-powered capabilities and user-friendly interface, this chatbot brings efficiency and accuracy to contract management processes.Note: This description does not include specific features or functionalities that may be found on the page linked in the text, as those details were not provided.


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Dec 13, 2023
The AI gave me few hints, and after that asked for 9$ payment for full review. I paid and I receive an answer like "We have started to work on the contract and will send the result by email in 12 hours." So as a conclusion can be a SCAM or, let's see if they will send something on 12h...

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Pros and Cons


Accessible via Telegram
Offers instant contract checking
Analyzes and evaluates documents
Saves time and effort
Detects errors and inconsistencies
Identifies potential risks
Convenient and straightforward
Useful for freelancers and businesses
Eliminates need for additional software


Limited to Telegram platform
Might miss regional legal nuances
No multi-language support indicated
No direct integration with contract drafting platforms
Potential privacy issues on Telegram
Relies on user's correct interpretation
No support mentions for complex contracts
No indication of updates or improvements
Not designed for non-freelance usage
No report export function mentioned
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