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Coaching & advice through conversational expertise.
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Luminaries is an AI-powered coaching tool that offers world-class coaching services. Users can chat with a personalized team of digital experts who have been trained on real-world knowledge.

The tool aims to provide guidance in various areas, including positive parenting, happiness, anxiety and mental health, self-transformation, product management, longevity, sexology, luxury matchmaking, fitness, entrepreneurship, relationships, finance, health, nutrition, technology, psychology, leadership, and spirituality.Luminaries offers users the ability to have natural conversations with the experts, similar to talking to a person.

The AI within the tool remembers previous conversations and learns about the user over time, enabling a more personalized experience. Users can search through an expert knowledge base, ask for advice on specific topics, bounce ideas, and weigh options.Additionally, Luminaries helps users learn new skills and gain more insights.

Users can learn from expert knowledge and receive training to improve their skillset.The tool also focuses on goal-setting and achievement. Users can build plans and routines to improve their life, receive guidance on their goals, and have an accountability partner for their goals.Overall, Luminaries combines the power of AI with the expertise of real-world professionals to provide users with a comprehensive coaching experience in various domains.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized coaching
Real-world knowledge training
Multi-domain guidance
Natural conversation interface
Expert knowledge base
Trainings on skills improvement
Beats loneliness, companion-like approach
Allows bouncing ideas
Specific topic advice
Goal-setting features
Accountability partner for goals
Holistic self-improvement approach
Mental health support
Helps improve routines
Evokes real connections
Expertise in multiple areas
Features in various domains
User-oriented learning progress
Tailored user experience
Insight gaining tool
Wide range of topics
Longevity expert advice
Sexology insights included
Luxury matchmaking guidance
Practical nutrition guide
Leadership skills enhancement
Emphasizes real knowledge
Psychology-based understanding
Skills improvement consultations
Enjoyable tech exploration
Handles relationship advice
Understands happiness factors
Fitness promoting tool
Supports self-transformation
Promotes positive parenting
Entrepreneurship advice available
User-friendly finance guide
Spirituality enlightening aspect
Plans & routines creator
Customized consultations
Interactive Q&A feature
Conversational expertise
User-friendly interface
Emphasizes real-world knowledge
Supports multimodal learning
Facilitates skill augmentation
Includes famous personalities
Expert advice on health
Robust technology base


Limited domain specificity
Possible accuracy issues
No multi-user collaboration
No offline functionality
Limited languages supported
May lack nuance
Inability to challenge experts
No email notifications
No real-time advice
Limited expert categories


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How does Luminaries personalise my coaching experience?
Can I ask for advice on specific topics in Luminaries?
What kind of expert knowledge does Luminaries provide?
What kind of skills can I learn from using Luminaries?
Can Luminaries help me set and achieve goals?
Does Luminaries provide an accountability partner for my goals?
How does Luminaries combine the power of AI with real-world professional expertise?
Who are some of the experts available on Luminaries?
How does Luminaries evolve its relationship with me over time?
Can Luminaries help me with my mental health?
Can Luminaries assist with business and entrepreneurship advice?
What type of relationship advice can I get using Luminaries?
Can I bounce ideas and weigh options on Luminaries?
Does Luminaries offer help on topics of spirituality?
What makes Luminaries stand apart from other coaching platforms?

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