Sales call analysis 2023-09-13
Sales feedback analysis for B2B decision-making.
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Luxa is an AI-powered tool designed specifically for sales-led B2B product management. It extracts valuable product insights from gong calls, allowing product managers to prioritize their efforts based on factual information rather than subjective opinions.

By automatically extracting insights from customer calls, Luxa eliminates the need for manual processing, such as watching call recordings, asking for customer requests, or syncing information between teams.The tool integrates with Gong, analyzing sales and customer success call transcripts.

Using AI, Luxa efficiently extracts feature requests, complaints, and praise from these calls, saving time and effort for product managers. The extracted insights are then combined with CRM account data, enabling sorting by total ARR, churn risk, sales cycle, or request frequency.Luxa helps align product, sales, and success teams around the same data.

It connects product features to ARR, justifies work with qualitative feedback, and facilitates alignment between product, sales, and executives.Ideal for product managers or leaders in sales-led B2B Series A+ companies, Luxa is suitable for those working with Gong to record customer conversations.

It is particularly beneficial for individuals who lack the time to review numerous calls for key customer feedback or struggle with scattered and unreliable data sources.In summary, Luxa streamlines the collection and analysis of essential product feedback from gong calls, supporting efficient decision-making, alignment between teams, and ultimately driving growth in sales-led B2B organizations.


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Luxa was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 13th 2023.
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