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Product research and analysis assistant for managers.
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Magic Crystal Ball is an AI assistant specifically designed for product managers. It aims to enhance product research and analysis by providing valuable insights and speeding up the process.

Powered by Notion, this tool combines the power of AI with the expertise of experienced product managers from around the world.With Magic Crystal Ball, product managers can conduct in-depth research on any product, feature, startup, or business idea.

It promises to deliver ten times more valuable product insights in just 15 seconds, significantly reducing the time and effort required for research.The tool also offers a range of professional AI frameworks, such as the Heart AI Framework and McKinsey 7S AI Framework, to help evaluate products, features, or ideas.It is worth noting that Magic Crystal Ball is officially approved by Notion and has been utilized by over 100 teams.

The AI behind this tool has been trained using the practical knowledge and experiences of top product managers worldwide.To use Magic Crystal Ball, users need to purchase a Magic Pass and duplicate the provided Notion folder into their personal or team workspace.

By providing relevant information about the research topic, the tool generates AI responses and populates report fields. Users are then advised to interpret these outputs and make informed decisions based on the insights provided.Overall, Magic Crystal Ball offers product managers a comprehensive AI assistant for conducting research, generating insights, and evaluating products, helping them make more informed and efficient decisions.


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Pros and Cons


In-depth product research
Quick insights delivery
Officially approved by Notion
Utilized by over 100 teams
Trained from top product managers experiences
Easy to integrate with Notion
Populates report fields
Provides guidance for decision-making
Supports multiple research areas
One-time payment & lifetime access
Lifetime support
Updates available
Conforms to data privacy standards
Satisfaction guarantee
High user satisfaction
Extensive product management interview training included
More than 25 research topics
Generates over 25 reports in seconds
Identifies product monetization methods
Assists with product strategy formulation
Identifies growth opportunities
Provides risk alerts


Requires Notion integration
Limited to product management
Reliant on purchase of Magic Pass
Access given within 1-2 business hours
No support for multiple workspaces
No mention of security features
Need for repeated usage to achieve results


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How can I integrate Magic Crystal Ball with my workspace?
Can multiple team members use Magic Crystal Ball at the same time?
How can Magic Crystal Ball help evaluate products or business ideas?
How does Magic Crystal Ball generate AI responses?
What is a Magic Pass and how can I purchase it?
What do the different packages offered with Magic Crystal Ball include?
How does Magic Crystal Ball enhance product research?
What is the process of conducting new AI research with Magic Crystal Ball?
Does Magic Crystal Ball provide a satisfaction guarantee or any trial period?
How does Magic Crystal Ball work with Notion?
Is there customer support available for Magic Crystal Ball users?

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