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Drawing assistant completes artwork based on categories.
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The Magic Sketchpad is a tool that allows users to draw with the assistance of machine learning algorithms. With each stroke, the algorithm attempts to complete the drawing based on the category selected by the user.

This tool enables users to draw multiple categories on the same page, offering a diverse and interactive drawing experience.The Magic Sketchpad was developed by @notwaldorf using magenta.js, a JavaScript library that utilizes TensorFlow.

Users can learn more about the Sketch RNN algorithm, which powers the completion of strokes, on the Magenta website. Additionally, the code for the Magic Sketchpad can be found on the Glitch platform.This tool provides an engaging way to explore the capabilities of machine learning in the field of art and creativity.

It encourages users to experiment with their drawings and witness how the algorithm interprets and completes their strokes. By combining human creativity with the power of machine learning, the Magic Sketchpad offers a unique opportunity for artists, students, and enthusiasts to explore new forms of artistic expression.With a wide range of categories available, users can draw anything from animals and objects to abstract concepts.

The Magic Sketchpad provides a fascinating and interactive platform for users to explore the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence in the realm of art.


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Magic Sketchpad was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Completes artwork based on categories
Interactive drawing experience
Encourages user experimentation
Combines creativity with machine learning
Wide range of drawing categories
Artistic tool
Developed using advanced magenta.js
Incorporates TensorFlow
Code accessible on Glitch platform
Encourages learning about machine learning
Impressive interpretation of user strokes
Supports multiple categories on same page
Real time stroke completion
Great educational tool for students
Useful for artists and enthusiasts
Built by reputable developer @notwaldorf
User-friendly interface
Implements Sketch RNN algorithm


Limited drawing categories
Dependent on TensorFlow libraries
Relies on user's initial stroke
Cannot undo drawing strokes
Limited to one page
Dependent on magenta.js library
Completes drawings only post-stroke
No mobile support
Lack of detailed customization
Doesn't support layered drawing


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Who developed Magic Sketchpad?
What is the role of machine learning in Magic Sketchpad?
How can I access the code for Magic Sketchpad?
Can I draw multiple categories using Magic Sketchpad?
What categories are available in Magic Sketchpad?
Does Magic Sketchpad work on abstract concepts?
Is Magic Sketchpad suitable for artists?
What is @notwaldorf’s role in creating Magic Sketchpad?
What is the magenta.js library used in Magic Sketchpad?
What happens when I lift my pen up while using Magic Sketchpad?
How does Magic Sketchpad complete a drawing?
Can Magic Sketchpad help me in learning about machine learning?
How is TensorFlow used in Magic Sketchpad?
Why does Magic Sketchpad allow drawing from multiple categories?
How do I use Magic Sketchpad?
How can Magic Sketchpad contribute to art and creativity?
Is Magic Sketchpad interactive?

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