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MagicForm.app is a multifaceted tool that aids in the creation of quizzes from a wide array of content formats. Leveraging AI, it transforms input data such as topic, text, URLs, YouTube video URLs, PDFs, or DOCX files into a set of quiz questions for educators, students, professionals, and more.

To use this tool, the user enters the quiz information and MagicForm.app automatically generates the quiz. The platform supports multiple languages and is implemented as an add-on within Google Forms.

Its functionalities also extend to various use cases such as enabling teachers and schools to generate fresh questions annually, or assisting HR teams and publishers in swiftly creating assessments and tests.

Overall, MagicForm.app provides an innovative and efficient solution for crafting quizzes and tests through artificial intelligence.

MagicForm App was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quiz creation from any text
Two-step process
Copy and paste functionality
Free to install
Support for installation and licensing
Per-user licensing
No credit card or license key required
Respects privacy - no data sharing
Google Forms Add-on
Handles multiple content formats
Supports topic, URL, video URL, PDF, DOCX
Automatic quiz generation
Multiple language support
New question sets annually for teachers
Swift assessments for HR teams
Saves time and money for publishers
Supports 100+ languages under free plan
No license key required
Support provided via email
Upgradeable with purchase
Allows quiz generation from Youtube URL
Allows quiz generation from PDF or Docx file
Trusted by top universities and companies
Can be used for test creation
Supports quiz generation from images
Supports quiz generation from topics
Supports quiz generation from URLs
Can be used on any computer
Enables creation of new question sets
Useful for compliance document assessments
Can create tests in less than 2 minutes
Offers up to 40 questions per Quiz under Pro plan
Can create quiz from compliance documents for HR teams
Lesser-sized in-house team for publishers
Option to convert PDFs to quizzes
Quiz creation from Youtube Videos
Quiz creation from URLs
Option to convert images to quizzes
Availability of affordable pricing plans
High quiz creation rate (3673+ quizzes in last 7 days)
50,000 Character Input under premium plan
Option to upgrade to unlimited questions/month
Allows up to 150 questions per Quiz under Premium plan
Tool for creating interactive assessments from YouTube videos


Google Forms dependent
No customization options
No feature addition support
Limited character input
No multi-user license
Specific quiz types limited
No data sharing control
Only basic installation support
No single-question generation


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