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Identify optimal connect time with leads using relevant triggers.
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Reach is a sales enablement platform that assists sales teams in identifying the best time to connect with leads by monitoring relevant triggers across multiple data sources such as LinkedIn, News, Job Openings, and more.

The tool automatically tracks events related to leads, providing sales representatives with daily notifications on who to contact and why, based on these events.

AI filters sift through the information and notify users only about relevant events. It also generates AI-driven personalized emails depending on the specific trigger found, making it easier to tailor communications to individual leads.

In addition, Reach employs AI to score the strength of the trigger in relation to your value proposition, helping to quickly identify high-priority triggers.

The platform integrates with popular tools so users can get trigger notifications via their preferred chat tool, CRM, or email sequencing software. There's also a Chrome Extension for Reach which offers direct integration with HubSpot, providing better and faster prospect research.


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Pros and Cons


Hyper-personalized icebreakers
Time-saving email personalization
Identify optimal connect time
Lead identification
Trigger-based notifications
CRM integration
Email sequencing support
LinkedIn monitoring
News monitoring
Job Openings monitoring
Tech stack monitoring
Company website monitoring
Integration with Hubspot
Free usage without credit card
Chrome extension available
Multiple data sources integration
Automated lead tracking
Priority triggers identification
Direct integration with chat tools
Direct integration with email software
Daily lead relevant events updates
1k leads monitoring per user
Customizable notification timings
Automated research for leads
Data aggregation for 20+ sources
Fast research advantage
Relevance data filter
Auto generate relevant insights
Prospects detailed information
Frictionless workflow
Bulk import and export
Flexible subscriptions
Improved response rate
Increased email open rate
Generates more sales pipeline
Faster pipeline fill
Intelligent multithreading
Reengage dormant leads
Daily trigger notifications
Monitoring leads across many sources
Hyper relevant signals for pipeline
Increase deal momentum
Faster research from Chrome Extension
Icebreakers from 20+ data sources
Daily Sales triggers delivery


Limited platform integrations
Not suitable for small businesses
Personalization features limited
Over-dependency on specific data sources
No mobile app available
No real-time alerts
Functionality confined to email
Lacks sophisticated reporting tools
No multilingual support


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How does Magicreach Reach assist sales teams?
How is the optimal connect time with leads determined by the tool?
What trigger event monitoring does Magicreach Reach provide?
How does Magicreach Reach personalize emails?
How are high-priority triggers identified by Magicreach Reach?
What popular tools can Magicreach Reach integrate with?
Is a Chrome Extension available for Magicreach Reach?
What is the function of the AI filters in Magicreach Reach?
What are the benefits of using Magicreach Reach for sales development representatives?
How does Magicreach Reach factor into the workflows of account executives?
Can I receive daily trigger notifications in my preferred platforms?
What is the relevance scoring feature of Magicreach Reach?
What are the data aggregation capabilities of Magicreach Reach?
How does Magicreach Reach work with HubSpot through its Chrome Extension?
How does Magicreach Reach generate personalized emails?
What is the AI suggested icebreakers feature of Magicreach Reach?

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