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Hyper-personalized email outreach icebreakers.
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Reach is an AI-powered outreach personalization and sales enablement tool designed to generate hyper-personalized icebreakers for cold outreach. It offers a comprehensive approach to email personalization, aggregating the data you need and suggesting personalized icebreakers quickly and easily.

It's designed to save time, with manual personalization taking an average of 5 minutes per email, while Reach takes only 30 seconds per email. It also offers integrations with your tech stack, data aggregation for fast research, and AI suggested icebreakers.

Reach is perfect for sales teams looking to personalize at scale without sacrificing quality, and can be used for free with no credit card required.


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Magicreach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Hyper-personalized email outreach
Reduces time for email personalization
Suggests personalized icebreakers
Integrations with tech stack
Data aggregation for fast research
Free usage, no credit card required
Supports sales teams personalization at scale
Direct import of leads from CRM
Review of icebreaker suggestions
Bulk export of icebreakers
Data that you care about
Email personalization at large scale
Significant response rate increase
Email open rate improvement
CRM integration
Personalized outreach at scale
Supports productivity boost for sales teams
Fast and easy personalization


Requires extensive data aggregation
Limited to email personalization
Possible reduced creativity
No mention of security measures
May not integrate with all CRMs
Lack of advertised customization options
No explicit multi-language support
No offline functionality
No mobile app mentioned


What is Magicreach's primary functionality?
How would Magicreach improve my email outreach?
Can Magicreach be used for free?
What is the time difference between manual personalization and using the Magicreach tool?
How does Magicreach help with personalization?
What integrations does Magicreach offer with my current tech stack?
Can Magicreach aggregate data for fast research?
What is Magicreach's process for suggesting personalized icebreakers?
In what ways will Magicreach help sales teams?
How does Magicreach's Personalization 2.0 work?
Can I import my leads directly from my CRM using Magicreach?
How does Magicreach handle the export of icebreakers to email sequences?
Does using Magicreach require credit card information?
What are the features available in Magicreach?
How does Magicreach guarantee data privacy?
Does Magicreach provide suggestions for icebreakers?
What kind of results can I expect to see when using Magicreach?
How do I sign up for Magicreach?
Is there a limit to the number of emails I can send with Magicreach?
Can Magicreach adapt to my personal writing style?

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