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Never miss an urgent email again as MailEcho utilizes AI to monitor your Gmail inbox and instantly delivers important messages as text notifications. The powerfully simple three-step process ensures a seamless experience: connect your inbox securely, customize your preferences to receive only relevant alerts, and let MailEcho notify you in real-time.

With an intuitive interface, MailEcho allows you to stay on top of your messages effortlessly. The service offers instant setup and flexible pricing plans to cater to your needs. Choose from the Starter plan at $3 per month, including three inboxes, or the Pro plan at $5 per month, which covers ten inboxes. For larger organizations, the Enterprise plan with 24/7 live support is available upon contacting MailEcho.

Rest assured about security and privacy. MailEcho prioritizes your data's safety by connecting via a secure app password, employing AES-256 encryption, and securing the database with row-level security. Your inbox access is solely used for providing notifications, with no storage or logging of your emails. Trust MailEcho for a secure, efficient, and private email management experience. Sign up today to transform the way you handle your emails!
MailEcho was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 16th 2023.

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