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Personalized sales message platform for revenue growth.
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MailMentor is an AI-powered sales platform that generates personalized sales messages to help businesses drive more revenue. With MailMentor, users can customize the AI-generated sales messages to meet their requirements, including message type, tone, goals, and more.

The platform allows users to personalize their outreach by adding their contacts' name, company, role, and a personal note. MailMentor also allows users to upload their business case studies, which the platform seamlessly integrates into personalized sales messages.

Users can send these messages directly from MailMentor or copy and paste them into their favorite customer engagement platform.MailMentor offers three pricing plans to help businesses grow their sales outreach.

The Basic plan is free and allows users to generate one AI message per day, create two message variants per contact, generate one contact per generation, and use one case study.

The Premium plan offers greater daily generation limits, limited batch contact processing, Gmail integration, and more. The Pro plan unlocks unlimited generations, unlimited batch contact processing, Gmail integration, unlimited case studies, and dedicated support.Overall, MailMentor offers a powerful tool that helps businesses efficiently generate new ideas, personalize messages, and increase the overall impact of their sales outreach.

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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized sales messages
Customizable outreach parameters
Contact personalization features
Utilizes business case studies
Direct sending from platform
Gmail integration for sending
Offers free basic plan
Premium plan enhances features
Pro plan unlocks everything
Improves sales outreach efficiency
Saves time on message generation
Facilitates creative sales tactics
Enables batch contact processing
Supports multiple message variants
Allows personalized notes insertion
Provides granular configuration options
Supports various message types
Enhances message tone control
Unlimited message generations (Pro plan)
Rapidly generate new ideas
Promotes impactful sales outreach
Curbs need for additional talent
Focuses on core business challenges
Generates contact-specific sales messages
Boosts sales results
Increases top and bottom lines
Different pricing plans for flexibility
Easily copy and paste messages
Upload case studies for integration


Limited to Gmail integration
No dedicated support for lower plans
Not full customer relationship management
No multi-language support
No mobile version or app
Limited number of case studies on free and premium
No direct export to other email clients
Monthly payments only
Doesn't mention data security


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