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Generate branded marketing content.
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Mai Writer is an AI tool that helps to create marketing content such as Facebook ads, Google ads, high-ranking articles, long-form sales letters, and landing pages.

It provides brand-aligned content and can also upload a PDF data source, enabling Custom AI Research Specialists to be trained for the user. Mai Writer boasts a Chatpad that merges a familiar chat interface with documents, and aims to provide a better and simpler collaboration with AI.

The tool is liked by business owners, growth managers, content marketers and copywriters for its efficiency and ability to generate copy ideas. Mai Writer is founded with an ambitious goal of scaling their marketing know-how accessible to more people, while providing a consultant that can deliver a wider range of frameworks that are proven to work across multiple channels.

A good marketing AI must align with ethical marketing practices, and Mai Writer is committed to responsible content. Mai Writer also has three essential features: the Chatpad, specially trained marketing AI chatbots, and the Lab that allows users to create custom AI by uploading a data source.


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Pros and Cons


Generates marketing content
Creates Facebook and Google ads
Produces high-ranking articles
Crafts long-form sales letters
Generates landing pages
Aligns content with brand
Supports uploading PDF data source
Features the Chatpad
Highly efficient tool
Generates copy ideas
Adapts to multiple channels
Committed to ethical marketing
Provides structured content
Adapts to user requirements
Generates content in seconds to minutes
Supports double marketing output
Potentially doubles conversion rate
Improves workflow for users
Speed up research
Capable of integrated campaigns
Aims to work with humans, not replace
Targets small & medium businesses
Promising to elevate marketer's output
Solves through-put problems
Can function as a marketing consultant
Helps eliminate writer's block
Assists in editing and ideation
Facilitates strategic planning
Familiar chat interface merged with documents
Improves productivity
Enhances creativity
Aids in multi-channel testing
Facilitates volume increase in work
Helps in quicker ideation
Reduces dependency on 'magic prompting'
Allows greater user control and influence
Improves user-agency workflow
Supports ethical and brand safety


No multi-language support
Limited free word count
Not open source
No mobile app
No integration options
Limited collaboration functionalities
Requires upload for training
No autocomplete feature
No clear use structure


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