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Generating high-quality videos from text prompts.
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Make-A-Video is an AI system developed by Meta AI that generates unique, high-quality videos informed by text prompts. The technology uses a text-to-image generation process to create its videos.

Make-A-Video utilizes pictures with descriptors to comprehend the appearance of the world and how it is typically described. Additionally, it uses unlabeled videos to learn world motion.

Users have the option to generate videos that vary from surreal to realistic. Make-A-Video is a progression from static image generation to the generation of videos filled with motion from a single image or a pair.

There's an option to generate multiple versions of the same video, increasing creative possibilities. Currently, the tool is still a work in progress, with caution applied to ensure that any release is deliberate and secure, to minimize the generation of misleading, harmful or biased content.

To clearly identify its AI-generated content, Make-A-Video adds a watermark to all of its videos.


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Sep 23, 2023
It may well be great, but it is no longer accepting applications.

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Pros and Cons


Create videos from text
Generates motion from images
Creates multiple video variations
3x better text representation
3x higher quality videos
Secure release procedures
Prevents misleading content
Inclusive bias prevention
Includes watermark on videos
Converts static images to video
Options for surreal to realistic videos
Optimized from text-to-image generation
Utilizes descriptors for comprehension
World motion learning feature
Generates unique, high-quality videos
Creative possibilities enhancement
Tested state-of-the-art technology
Reduces harmful content risk
Analyses millions of data pieces
Continual trial and test process
Forthcoming public technology release
Internal development for safety assurance


Still in development
Adds watermark to videos
Bias prevention not perfect
Potential for misleading content
Creation Limited to descriptions
No real-time video editing
No multi-language support mentioned
Unclear frame-rate capability
Can't edit watermarked videos
Full release date unknown


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Can Make-A-Video turn static images into motion videos?
Is Make-A-Video's video creation process considered state-of-the-art?
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Is Make-A-Video currently publicly available?

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