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Generate HTML templates for developers and designers.
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Makedraft is an AI tool that allows users to create HTML templates based on their instructions. It is primarily designed for backend developers to quickly iterate on the frontend of their projects, but it can also be used by frontend developers and designers.

Currently, Makedraft generates HTML styled with Tailwind CSS, and it will soon support Alpine.js and Vue.js as well.To use the generated code, users need to include the Tailwind CSS library by adding a script tag to the head element of their code.Makedraft is currently in open beta, and the tool is available for free during this phase.

After the beta period, there will still be a free tier available, ensuring no surprise charges.Interestingly, all the HTML components on the Makedraft website, including the dashboard, were generated using Makedraft itself, except for the code editor and text content.

This showcases the tool's capabilities in a meta and self-referential way.Overall, Makedraft streamlines the process of creating HTML templates by leveraging AI, providing a convenient solution for developers and designers to generate code based on their specifications.


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Jan 1, 2024
It was pretty easy to make some fancy stuff with a decent prompt. I made a music player

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