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MakeLanding is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered landing page generator that allows users to create beautiful landing pages quickly and easily. With MakeLanding, users can write about their business or project and get an entire landing page generated in seconds.

The tool provides users with copy that sells, unique logos and illustrations, and beautiful icons. It eliminates the need for designers or developers, making it easy for anyone to create a landing page without any technical knowledge.The landing pages generated by MakeLanding are highly customizable, with the option to upload personal pictures, change the copy, and edit buttons.

The AI technology used by the tool generates copy that speaks over 50 languages and uses millions of converting headlines, making it suitable for a wide range of businesses and needs.MakeLanding offers users a variety of pre-made templates for portfolios, mobile apps, SaaS, communities, courses, and more.

Additionally, it provides easy website editing, simple analytics, and is responsive, fast, and SEO-friendly.The tool has received positive reviews from users, who appreciate its convenience, time-saving capabilities, ease of use, and high-quality outputs.

MakeLanding has two pricing plans - basic and pro, with the latter offering more features such as a custom domain and analytics.

MakeLanding was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 27th 2023.
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User Profile PictureLaurent
ยท Jul 19, 2023
No test possible, you must pay before so totally useless ! Because AI generators are often not that much impressive, It would have been more reassuring to be able to test for free at least once.

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Pros and Cons


Generates landing page quickly
Provides selling copy
Generates unique logos
Generates unique illustrations
Highly customizable designs
Ability to upload images
Option to edit buttons
Multilingual copy generation
Uses converting headlines
Wide range of business templates
Easy website editing
Simple analytics
Responsive design
Fast speed
Provides pre-made templates
Variety of templates
Supports unique logos and illustrations
Supports personal picture upload
Two pricing plans
Portfolio templates
Mobile app templates
SaaS templates
Community templates
Course templates
Takes less than 1 minute
Fast than WordPress
6 art styles
12 color themes
Stock photo library
Link to CTA
Custom domain on Pro plan
Allows code download on Pro plan
High traffic support on Pro plan
Supports 50+ copy languages
Images with commercial rights
HTML, CSS, JavaScript coding
Allows 5 free previews
Provides editable design components
Receptive to content refinement
High user satisfaction
Positive user reviews


Limited personal customization
Pre-set templates used
Limited visitor capacity
Basic plan lacks features
Custom domain only on Pro
No distinct SEO customization
Auto-generated content may lack precision
Download code only in Pro
No e-commerce integration
Doesn't support advanced analytics


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Is MakeLanding SEO-friendly?
What are the pricing plans for MakeLanding?
What additional features are included in the pro plan of MakeLanding?
Can MakeLanding generate logos and illustrations?
How fast can I create a landing page with MakeLanding?
Can I upload personal images on my MakeLanding page?
Can I change the headlines generated by MakeLanding?
What platforms and devices are supported by MakeLanding?
What user reviews has MakeLanding received?
What types of landing pages can I create with MakeLanding?
Can MakeLanding generate copy that sells?
Can I edit buttons on my MakeLanding landing page?


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