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Website creation & management, optimized effortlessly.
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MakeMyWeb is an AI-powered tool that enables users to quickly and effortlessly create stunning and responsive websites tailored to their specific needs.

With just a 30-second setup time, users can have a fully functional website up and running. The platform is designed to save time and effort, allowing users to focus on managing their business rather than worrying about website design and management.The tool utilizes Tru-AI, a powerful AI model, to optimize websites based on business goals and traffic trends.

It offers a range of selectable layouts suitable for various professions, all powered by artificial intelligence. Users have the ability to edit and customize different sections of their website, providing them with flexibility and control.MakeMyWeb also offers free storage for users to save their designs.

Additionally, the platform provides powerful plans that allow businesses to showcase their products and services and gain exposure as creative entrepreneurs.Furthermore, the tool emphasizes communication with customers by enabling businesses to connect effectively through their websites.

MakeMyWeb aims to simplify the website creation and management process, allowing users to leave these tasks to the platform while they focus on building their brand.MakeMyWeb offers both free and paid plans.

The free plan includes unlimited website edits and the ability to save designs for up to 24 hours. Paid plans, such as Tru-AI Plus, offer additional features such as auto-CMS and priority resource access.

There is also a custom plan available, and users can contact the company for further information.

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Pros and Cons


30-second setup time
Selectable layouts
Editable sections
Free storage for designs
Communication emphasis
Free and paid plans
Unlimited website edits
Save designs for 24 hours
Auto-CMS in paid plan
Priority resource access
Custom plan option
Business showcase options
Business goal-based optimization
Traffic trend-based optimization
Profession-specific layouts


Limited free plan
Requires credit card info
Costly for advanced features
Potential latency in setup
Not open-source
Limited customizable options
No explicit API access
No direct hosting option
Lacking advanced SEO options


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How can MakeMyWeb help me communicate with my customers?
What's included in the free plan of MakeMyWeb?
What are the benefits of Tru-AI Plus plan?
What's included in the custom plan of MakeMyWeb?
How can I contact MakeMyWeb for additional information?
How quick is the website setup time on MakeMyWeb?
How does MakeMyWeb help save time and effort?
What professions are MakeMyWeb's layouts suitable for?
What business goals and traffic trends does Tru-AI optimize for?
Is there a limit to the number of edits I can make in MakeMyWeb?
What is the Auto - CMS feature in the Tru-AI Plus plan?
What is the purpose of priority resource access in the Tru-AI Plus plan?
What kind of customer support does MakeMyWeb offer?


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