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User-friendly performance review generator.
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ManageBetter provides user-friendly products to help managers grow productive teams through personalized action plans, relevant career goals, and actionable feedback.

The ReviewBuilder tool is a performance review generator that uses AI technology to generate clear, precise performance reviews in minutes. The ActionPlan tool is a one-stop dashboard for all things feedback, which helps managers track goals, assign action items, and monitor performance.

ManageBetter has been used by 800+ organizations and is recognized as a top HR Tech company for 2022 and a finalist for Seattle Inno's 2022 Fire Awards.

Reviews from customers highlight the time saved and the ease of use of the products. ManageBetter offers its products at an affordable price, making it easy for managers to stay organized, save time, and provide meaningful feedback to their employees.


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Pros and Cons


Generate reviews in minutes
User-friendly dashboard
Track goals and performance
Assign action items
Helps grow productive teams
Used by 800+ organizations
Affordable price
Helps find right feedback words
Used by top companies
Facilitates effective coaching
Recognized as top HR tool
Simplifies performance reviews
Promotes relevant career goals
Teaches effective coaching
Saves time in reviews
Personalized action plans
Monitors performance in real-time
Built-in blog for knowledge enhancement
Helps in setting relevant career goals
Enhances manager-employee communication
One-stop solution for feedback
Highly efficient and effective
Provides precise performance reviews
Promotes actionable feedback
Contextually relevant feedback
Top HR Tech company recognition
Seattle Inno's 2022 Fire Awards finalist
Performance review generator
Dashboard for all feedback aspects
User-friendly interface
Effective for team management
Consistent with employee development
Actionable performance reviews
Teaches effective coaching skills
Facilitates easy manager tasks
Used by industry giants
Finalist for awards
30+ competencies for reviews
Over 3000 phrases for reviews
Reputable users like Microsoft, Disney
Annual Access for $10;$20
Automated performance review process
Comprehensive dashboard for feedback monitoring
Designed for manager's productivity
Efficient and effective software
Provides effective coaching methodologies
Proven track record with 800+ organizations


Limited feedback customization
No mobile application
Limited integration capabilities
No real-time feedback feature
No skill development tracking
No language customization
Doesn't mention data security
No 360-degree feedback functionality
No employee self-service portal
No multi-rater feedback functionality
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