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MapDeduce is an AI tool designed to simplify the analysis of complex documents. It provides an array of functionalities that facilitate the processing of documents to extract crucial information effectively and reliably.

Users can upload a document, pose a question, and get an answer quickly. The tool has the capability to spot potential red-flag terms in contracts, and rapidly retrieve relevant information from lengthy texts.

It is designed as a unified hub for document AI needs, able to swiftly navigate through extensive research papers, legal documents, business reports, and educational materials, extracting key findings, identifying crucial clauses, and generating concise summaries.

Furthermore, MapDeduce can create concise summaries of lengthy documents, transforming them into easily digestible information. The tool also allows users to ask the right questions based on document type and supports questions across multiple documents simultaneously.

MapDeduce supports multiple document types including .pdf, .docx, .pptx, and .txt. The system is routinely updated to further enhance its functionalities and support its users' needs.

It also provides free access to a Chrome extension and industry-grade file encryption and storage without any restrictions on question or upload limits.


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Pros and Cons


PDF document processing
Document Summarization
Question-Answering Feature
Identifies red-flag terms
Works with any language
Guaranteed document privacy
User feedback integration
Comparative documents insight (upcoming)
Suited for complex documents
Ideal for legal professionals
Useful for financial professionals
Beneficial for business professionals


PDF documents only
No real-time extraction
No multi-documents comparison yet
No available API
Limited red-flag spotting
No mobile application
No text documents support
Limited language accuracy
Not suitable for images
No offline functionality


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Can MapDeduce identify red-flag terms in contracts?
Who can benefit from using MapDeduce?
What types of professionals can use MapDeduce effectively?
Does MapDeduce offer comparative insights into similar documents?
How do I upload a document to MapDeduce?
Can I provide feedback to improve MapDeduce?
How can MapDeduce help me understand complex texts?
Is MapDeduce just for summarizing documents or can it answer questions based on content too?
What does MapDeduce mean by 'empower universal understanding'?
Can MapDeduce handle large volumes of documents?
What file formats does MapDeduce accept?
Can MapDeduce summarize documents in any language?
How fast does MapDeduce process a document?
What happens to my document after MapDeduce is finished?

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