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Automated digital marketing for non-marketers.
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Markey is a smart digital marketing automation tool designed for New Age Enterprises. It offers a complete all-in-one digital marketing solution that aims to simplify the process for businesses.

With Markey, users can launch ad campaigns, generate leads, and boost sales online without the need for marketing expertise or a minimum budget.One of Markey's core features is its AI-generated ads.

The tool is capable of writing ad copies and providing a creative canvas for brand promotions. Users have access to a library of free stock images and videos and an in-app editor to enhance their brand creatives.

Markey also auto-sizes the creatives for different ad placements.Another key feature is Markey's self-optimizing campaigns. Users can easily publish omni-channel campaigns and let Markey handle the performance.

The tool finds high-interest leads in target markets at a low cost and engages them across various channels like search (Google), social media (Facebook & Instagram), display (Google Display Network), and email to convert them into customers.Markey also offers smart leads management functionality.

It tracks website visitors and leads, providing in-depth intelligence on individual leads' engagement with ads and websites. This information can be used for an informed sales pitch.

Users can segment and retarget leads across channels or broadcast over email to drive conversions.Overall, Markey is a scalable tool suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

It aims to empower non-marketers by providing a user-friendly platform for digital marketing automation at an affordable cost.


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Markey was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


All-in-one marketing tool
Lack of marketing expertise necessary
No minimum budget requirement
Access to stock image/video library
In-app editor
Auto-sizes creatives for ad placements
Self-optimizing campaigns
Omni-channel campaigns
Finds and engages high-interest leads
Multi-channel ad engagement (Google, Facebook, Instagram, email)
Smart leads management
Tracks website visitors and leads
Provides engagement insights on individual leads
Lead segmentation and retargeting
Email broadcast feature
Usable for businesses of all sizes
Affordable cost
Language localization options
Customizable landing pages
Digital asset management
Sales automation
Marketing analytics
Free trial with free onboarding support
Ability to generate and manage ad content
Support for multi-channel ad campaigns
Handles performance optimization
Smart leads management with retargeting
Intelligent ad copy generation
Supports omnichannel marketing
Scalable for any enterprise size
Data-driven decision-making
Multi-language support
Ease of use


Non-optimized for advanced users
Need for constant monitoring
Limited customizability
Not suitable for complex campaigns
Limitations in ad features


What is Markey?
What does Markey offer for digital marketing management?
How does Markey automate marketing for non-marketers?
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How does Markey's AI-generated ads feature work?
Can Markey manage ad campaigns across different social media platforms?
How does Markey auto-size my brand's creatives for different ad placements?
How does the self-optimizing feature in Markey work?
Can I track my website visitors and leads using Markey?
Does Markey offer any kind of analytics or insights about leads' engagements?
What sizes of businesses is Markey suitable for?
Can Markey help me in generating leads and boosting my online sales?
How does Markey help in managing multi-channel campaigns?
What is Markey's unique selling point (USP) in comparison to other marketing tools?
What level of customization does Markey provide for ad campaigns?
What types of in-app editing tools does Markey offer?
Are there any languages other than English that Markey supports?
How does Markey help in retargeting across different platforms?
Can Markey manage email broadcasts to drive conversions?
Does Markey allow segment tracking and individual lead management?

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