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Collaborative data analysis & machine learning platform.
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MarkovML is an AI-powered low code platform that offers a collaboration platform for data analysis and machine learning. It provides a user-friendly interface for storing and sharing models, experiments, and datasets.

The platform aims to streamline the process of data analysis and model development by eliminating the need for coding.The platform offers several features to enhance data management and intelligence.

It includes an Intelligent Data Catalog that serves as a centralized hub for AI-related activities, allowing for effortless data management, enhanced data governance, and improved data understanding.

The platform also offers unsupervised AI-driven data analyzers that generate deep data insights, measure data quality, and create detailed visual reports for expert analysis.MarkovML offers a no-code GenAI app builder, empowering domain experts to create AI applications without the need for coding.

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows for the creation of apps for various use cases, such as summarization, classification, and semantics search.Additionally, MarkovML provides responsible AI evaluators that help assess the cost, business impact, and bias of models, enabling enterprises to maximize the value from AI in a responsible and cost-effective manner.

The platform also ensures data governance, privacy, and security.Furthermore, MarkovML offers seamless collaboration through its Snippet tool, which provides a shared workspace for team knowledge, ideas, metrics, analysis, feedback, visualization, and more.

This tool aims to improve team alignment and maximize the potential of AI teams.Overall, MarkovML is designed to provide an integrated platform for data analysis, machine learning, and collaboration, enabling enterprises to harness the full potential of their data and advance their AI initiatives.


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