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Improves data analysis, enhances customer experience.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-driven business intelligence platform offered by KGiSL. It aims to automate and transform businesses by utilizing machine learning algorithms to enable comprehensive data analysis, informed decision-making, and superior customer experience.

The platform offers multiple products and solutions across various industries, including capital markets, insurance, wealth management, banking, and enterprise solutions.

These products include Dolphin Institutional, Dolphin Retail, DP Back-office, e-IPO, NSure Core, NSure POS, NSure Claims, NSure digital Solutions, Bullfinch Wealth Suite, DolphinFX, Breeze, GFS, DoORS, Dolphin I2, Dolphin e-Sign, and offers benefits such as a reduction in operational costs, improved data privacy, increased accuracy on trained data models, decreased processing time, scalability, error deduction, and enriched customer experience.

It achieves up to 90% faster processing time with over 95% accuracy in intelligent document processing using document AI. This eliminates the need for manual data extraction by transforming data from documents, images, and handwritten texts into structured digital data for analytics and data-driven intelligence.Additionally, elevates customer experience using conversational AI, which leverages advanced ML and NLP technologies with continuous learning and improving capabilities.

This ensures a synergy of human and artificial intelligence, allowing businesses to provide enhanced customer service and engagement.Overall, offers a comprehensive AI-driven business intelligence platform that helps companies automate and optimize their operations, make data-informed decisions, and deliver superior customer experiences.


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MarvelAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances customer experience
Comprehensive data analysis
Informed decision-making
Reduces operational costs
Improves data privacy
Increased accuracy on trained data models
Decreased processing time
Error deduction
Intelligent document processing
Transforms data from documents, images, handwritten texts into structured digital data
Continuous learning and improving capabilities
Products across various industries
90% faster processing time
95% accuracy in document processing
Intelligent automation in insurance, capital markets, banking operations
Streamlined document processing
Real-time data-driven intelligence
Advanced ML and NLP technologies used
Multi-channel customer engagement
Empower businesses with intelligent forecasting
Optimized growth and resilience
Tailored solutions for capital market, banking sectors
Automates document processing for large data sets
Streamlines risk assessments in underwriting
Fast track claims settlements
Automated anomaly detection in health claims data
Accelerates customer onboarding
Outward remittance processing
Bank guarantee vetting
Financial statement analysis
Bank statement analysis
Leverages popular foundation models


No offline processing capability
Lacks interoperability with other platforms
No user-friendly visualization tools
Doesn't support all data formats
Not optimized for smaller companies
Inflexible pricing models
Limited language support
No real-time data analysis
Lacks advanced analytics capabilities
No custom model training


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In what ways does contribute to superior customer service?
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How does help in document processing?
What solutions does provide for the banking and capital market sectors?
How can improve the efficiency of insurance document processing?
How is used in risk assessment in underwriting?
How does assist in claims settlements?
How is used in automated anomaly detection in health claims data?
What does offer for application development?

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