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MATHLY answers your questions with AI.
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Mathly is an AI-powered tool designed to provide homework help in a unique and efficient manner. Its primary function is to assist users to solve math problems and comprehend the attached solutions.

Users can simply take a photo of a math problem, and Mathly's AI will decipher the problem, provide a solution and further elaborate on it for better understanding.

Beyond its capacity to run problem-solving tasks, Mathly distinguishes itself by generating additional practice problems for users, enhancing their grasp on the subject matter.

This feature facilitates a self-check mechanism for users to validate their understanding of the problem-solving process. In addition to the mentioned features, Mathly is known for its adaptive capabilities such as generating personalized explanations that resonate with the user's learning style and answering any inquiries users may have about problem-solving steps or mathematical concepts.

In essence, Mathly aims to revolutionize the homework help process by promoting a more efficient and tailored learning experience.


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Mathly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Photographic problem input
Generates practice problems
Personalized explanations
Adaptive learning capabilities
Interactive learning
Answers follow-up questions
Explains solutions
Tailored learning experience
Validates understanding
Assists in problem-solving
Enhances subject grasp
Efficient learning method
Homework assistance
Personalized learning style
Can answer all inquiries
User-friendly interface
Supports various math concepts
Future of homework help
Early access option
Offers detailed explanations
Ease of communication
Real-time solution providing
Promotes self-check mechanism
Supports e-learning
Deciphers problem from photo
Flexible learning tool
Self-paced learning
Accessible anywhere
Improves problem-solving skills
Promotes comprehensive learning
Encourages independent learning
Streamlined learning process
Promotes conceptual clarity
Highly interactive tool
Broadens mathematical understanding
Effective result-oriented tool
Supports complex problem-solving
Simplifies math learning
Tailored problem-solving approach
Strengthens mathematical foundation
Encourages continuous learning
Supports varied learning styles
User-focused learning tool
Facilitates efficient studying
Balances practice and theory
Offers learning convenience
Addresses individual learning gaps
Innovative approach to learning
Creates learning autonomy
Promotes understanding over rote learning
Supports experiential learning


Requires clear, readable photo
Answers may not align with specific curriculum
Lacks offline functionality
No integration with other e-learning platforms
Might struggle with advanced math problems
Text input option missing
No support for non-English languages
Limited to math problem-solving only
Cannot ask questions quantitatively
No feature to save progress


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How can I get early access to Mathly?
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