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Math learning platform for kids aged 6-12.
Generated by ChatGPT is an innovative online platform designed to enhance the learning experience of children in mathematics. The platform aims to create an enjoyable and rewarding adventure for kids aged 6 to 12 as they engage with various math activities, games, and lessons.

Its interactive and user-friendly interface fosters an intuitive learning environment.With a focus on building a strong foundation in mathematical concepts, helps children develop essential skills while stimulating their interest and appreciation for numbers.

This tool offers a comprehensive range of activities and lessons that cater specifically to the targeted age group.The recent v1.1 update introduces new features such as access to previous session history, enabling users to track their progress and revisit previous work.

Additionally, users can now conveniently share their sessions in PDF format via WhatsApp. These enhancements aim to enhance the collaborative and sharing aspects of the is developed by trillion ventures private limited and is designed to empower children to become mathematical superstars.

By engaging with the platform, children can not only improve their mathematical knowledge but also gain confidence in problem-solving. The tool provides valuable support to users, allowing them to address challenging mathematical problems and take on the role of a helpful superhero.As indicated by the Notifyfy branding, is actively live, and early access is available for interested users.


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Pros and Cons


Designed for kids 6-12
Interactive interface
Focus on mathematical concepts
Stimulates interest in numbers
Updated features in v1.1
Access to previous sessions
Ability to share sessions
Collaborative aspect
Roles for problem-solving
Live updating and support
Early access available
Social media sharing
Developed by Trillion Ventures
Access session history
Share session in PDF
Adaptable learning environment
Rewards system


No adult learning options
Limited age group support
No offline access
Specific to mathematical learning
No multi-language support
Update history not clear
Sharing only via WhatsApp
No API access
Only online platform
Unclear data retention policy


What age group is designed for?
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With, how can I track my child's progress in learning Maths?
How to revisit the history of previous sessions in
What are the new features in the v1.1 update of
How to share sessions in PDF format via WhatsApp?
Does offer a live or interactive learning environment?
How does help with challenging maths problems?
What does it mean, 'Be the superhero' in the context of
How can kids 'help their friends solve their problems' with
Who has developed
What does 'early access' mean in relation to
How do I join the 'waitlist' for
How does aim to make children mathematical superstars?
Can be integrated with other learning platforms or tools?
How is the user interface of
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