Meetings 2023-10-30
Improved meeting productivity and efficiency
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Ultimate Meeting Assistant by Mavis AI revolutionizes meetings by providing advanced features that enhance productivity and focus. The tool allows users to connect, summarize, and boost productivity during meetings.

It captures essential insights and generates actionable items seamlessly, making meetings more effective. Key features offered by Mavis AI include the ability to interact with an AI assistant named Mavis.

Users can instruct Mavis to take notes, write action items, and access information from previous meetings attended. This feature is currently in development.

The tool also enables hassle-free meetings, allowing users to meet anytime and anywhere while remaining focused on discussions. Mavis manages the boring work, improving the meeting experience and productivity.Automated summaries are provided, capturing key takeaways and identifying action items.

This feature saves time and effort by ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.Ultimate Meeting Assistant is designed for ultimate meeting productivity, allowing users to focus on the meeting while Mavis takes care of the rest.

It offers both individual and enterprise configurations, with individual users benefiting from 60 free minutes per month. Pricing is based solely on the minutes utilized, eliminating hidden fees and upfront commitments.For enterprise users, there is unlimited transcriptions and summaries, as well as unlimited team size.

Premium support is available for all users.Mavis AI is a user-friendly tool that helps drive action, improve meeting outcomes, and save time and effort.


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Mavis was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 28th 2023.
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