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Automate tasks and create custom AI solutions - No tech skills needed
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Mazaal AI is an end-to-end no-code AI platform that empowers users to automate tasks and create custom AI solutions without technical expertise. Key features include:

- Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for building AI workflows
- Extensive library of pre-built AI models and workflow templates
- One-click sharing for easy collaboration
- Integration with over 200 popular apps and tools
- Versatile applications across industries like healthcare, retail, and manufacturing

Mazaal AI streamlines productivity by allowing users to combine different AI models, automate complex tasks, and deploy custom solutions in minutes rather than months. Its user-friendly design makes advanced AI capabilities accessible to professionals of all backgrounds, enabling businesses to enhance efficiency and focus on core objectives.
Mazaal AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 14th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Ability to combine models
Over 200 app integrations
Share workflows with a click
Sector specific use-cases
Useful in healthcare
Useful in security/surveillance
Useful in retail
Useful in manufacturing
Easy for beginners
Workflow automation
Drag and drop interface
Pre-built workflow options
Real-time monitoring feature
Threat detection capabilities
Improved diagnostics in healthcare
Data management optimization
Inventory tracking in retail
Demand forecasting in retail
Predictive maintenance in manufacturing
Optimized supply chains in manufacturing
Efficiency enhancement
Supports text processing
Supports image processing
Supports audio processing
Supports video processing
Data extraction feature
Data categorization feature
Data summarization feature
Data clustering feature
Seamless connectivity
Universal workflow sharing
Daily task automation
Automated business processes
Interactive workflow builder
Personalized workflow design
Improved operational efficiency
Supports a diversity of industries
Workflow customization feature


Limited ready-to-use models
No-code limitations
Reliant on app integrations
Potential data confidentiality issues
Unspecified data storage
Unspecified support or troubleshoot services
Limited to specific sectors
Workflow sharing privacy issues
Absence of customized pricing
No version control system

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