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Easy calorie counting and meal tracking via messaging.
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MealByMeal is an AI-powered tool that enables effortless calorie counting and meal tracking over text messages. Unlike other nutrition trackers, it does not require the use of a dedicated app.

Users can simply text the tool what they eat and their weight, and it will log the information for them. The tool provides accurate estimations of calories and macronutrients for a wide variety of foods, enhancing its usefulness.

It also encourages users to be specific in their messages to ensure accurate tracking. Additionally, MealByMeal offers flexibility in the format of messages, making it easy for users to input their meal information.

By leveraging ChatGPT and other large language models, the tool can analyze text messages and convert them into entries in the user's food log. This AI technology enables MealByMeal to estimate calories and macros for a broader range of food items compared to other platforms, with improved accuracy as more information is provided.

The tool is backed by scientific research, as logging meals has been shown to double weight loss according to a study from Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research.

MealByMeal also offers premium nutrition tracking at affordable prices and supports voice commands for meal tracking using Siri or Google Assistant. Overall, MealByMeal simplifies the process of calorie counting and supports users in achieving their weight goals.


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