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Create, share, and discover recipes using AI.
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MealsAI is an innovative tool designed to transform the experience of meal planning and cooking. It harnesses the power of AI to help users create, share, and discover delicious recipes, made from simple, everyday ingredients.

By merely entering a single sentence or ingredient, this tool generates a unique and detailed culinary route to a fulfilling meal. One of the crucial features of MealsAI is its versatile approach to dietary restrictions and diverse food lifestyles such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and zero carb.

This tool can adaptively generate recipes suitable for different diets including Keto, Paleo, and Low-carb. Furthermore, MealsAI can also recommend recipes based on the ingredients available in the user's refrigerator, thereby promoting less food waste and more culinary creativity.

It supports adjustable recipe timings to cater to both quick meals and elaborate cooking projects. What makes MealsAI particularly interesting is the ability to create holiday-themed recipes.

Ensuring novelty in every meal, MealsAI is designed to not repeat the same recipe twice. Recognizing the power of community, MealsAI also allows users to share their recipes with friends and across various platforms.

To inspire its users, it showcases delicious recipes created by users from around the world.


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Pros and Cons


One-click recipe creation
Dietary restriction accommodations
Ingredient-based recipes
Fridge ingredient utilization
Holiday and event themes
Recipe sharing capability
Cross-platform integration
User community inspiration
Detailed culinary directions
Diet-specific recipe generation
Avoids recipe repetition
Adjustable recipe timing
Promotes less food waste
User-created recipe showcase
Google authentication support
Easily discoverable recipes
Supports various food lifestyles
Keto, Paleo, Low-carb recipes
Generates unique recipes
Supports quick meals
Facilitates elaborate cooking
Community sharing
Inspires culinary creativity
Maximises ingredient usage
Matches food preferences
Recipes for dietary restrictions
Recipes based on fridge contents
Generates holiday-themed recipes
Compatible with shopping apps


No offline functionality
Only supports Google login
No mobile app version
Can't handle complex recipes
Lacks personal recipe archive
Limited to diet listed
No multi-language support
No user review feature
Does not account for allergies
No nutritional information provided


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