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Generated medical diagnoses and recommendations.
Generated by ChatGPT

MedBeat is an AI tool designed to offer precise diagnoses, AI-generated medical recommendations, and comprehensive medical summaries. Despite its capability, it is not designed to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used for emergencies.

This tool enables users to input their gender, age, weight, and height to generate a medical summary. Based on these specific details and other users' answers to AI-generated questions, MedBeat can provide specialized recommendations and necessary lab tests for accurate diagnosis.

Additionally, the tool allows users to book appointments with doctors or specialists and schedule lab tests, simplifying the overall healthcare process.

Users can also keep track of all their past appointments and lab tests for their reference. Privacy is highly valued with MedBeat, and the relevant policies can be accessed on their site.

With its user-friendly approach to digital healthcare, MedBeat aims to streamline the process between initial consultation and comprehensive medical care.


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