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Automated sales team productivity boost.
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Hustle is an AI-powered tool designed to increase the productivity of your sales team by eliminating time-consuming tasks that do not generate revenue.

With Hustle, you can automate activities such as creating/updating businesses and contacts in your CRM, taking notes, writing emails, analyzing video calls, and pipeline analysis.

One of its key features is the Meeting Assistant, which provides valuable insights after sales calls. It transcribes the conversation, provides summaries, highlights, and actionable follow-up tasks.

This allows you to focus on the conversation during the meeting and ensures that no information is lost. Additionally, the tool helps sales professionals draft impactful emails by providing them with the buyer's own words.Hustle streamlines your workflow by centralizing all your opportunities in one view, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tabs or applications.

Making changes to business profiles, adding contacts, and modifying stages becomes quick and easy, taking only 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes on average.The tool caters to various roles within the sales team.

BDRs and SDRs can record and summarize phone calls, providing executive summaries to Account Executives. Account executives can automate administrative work, reducing stress and helping them achieve their goals.

Customer success teams can capture the complete narrative to deliver value to clients more efficiently. Hustle offers both free and paid plans, with the paid plan providing unlimited recordings and transcriptions, AI-driven prompts, and integration with additional platforms such as Salesforce, Zoom, and Slack.

By optimizing workflows and leveraging AI capabilities, Hustle aims to enhance sales productivity and improve overall efficiency.


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Pros and Cons


Automates non-revenue generating tasks
CRM creation/updating automation
Note-taking automation
Email drafting automation
Video call analysis
Pipeline analysis automation
Meeting Assistant feature
Provides conversation transcriptions
Supplies actionable follow-up tasks
Helps focus on meetings
Prevents information loss
Assists email drafting
Workflow streamlining
Centralizes opportunities view
Quick profile changes
Quick contact addition
Quick stage modifications
Specific roles catered
BDR and SDR support
Account executive administrative automation
Improved customer success efficiency
Free and paid plans
Unlimited recordings (paid)
Unlimited transcriptions (paid)
Integration with Salesforce (paid)
Integration with Zoom (paid)
Integration with Slack (paid)
Streamlines workflows
Enhances sales productivity
Improves overall efficiency
Reduces task completion time
Transcribes sales calls
Provides meeting summaries
Highlights key meeting points
Helps identify product fit
Supports multiple commercial roles
Promotes goal achievement
Facilitates value delivery
Offers varied integrations
Supports individual and teams
Provides deal vitals
Customer Success & Onboarding (paid)
Sales executive stress reduction
Single-view opportunity management
Mobile friendly interface


Limited free plan
Integrations restricted in free version
No mobile app
Constricting for non-sales roles
Specific to CRM activities
No custom setting features
No multi-language support
Higher learning curve
Lacks detailed analytic tools


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Does Hustle offer transcription services?
Can Hustle integrate with other platforms?
What platforms does Hustle integrate with?
What are the pricing plans for Hustle?
What additional features does the paid plan of Hustle provide?
Does Hustle offer a free version?
How fast can Hustle modify business profiles?
How does Hustle help with email drafting?
Does Hustle provide video call analysis?
How does Hustle benefit Customer success teams?
Can Hustle automate creating and updating businesses in CRM?
How does Hustle aid in taking notes?
Can Hustle provide executive summaries of phone calls?
What AI-driven prompts does Hustle provide?

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