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Data analysis and decision making support.
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Meet Maya is an AI data robot that helps to find answers within data faster, better, and more accurately. It integrates with modern data warehouses and allows users to ask questions and receive reports and summaries quickly.

It can analyze structured and unstructured data, including documents, images, audio, and graphs, and provide insights on market trends, customer sentiment, and competitive analysis.

It can also help with pricing optimization, brand reputation analysis, and policy changes. With Maya, users can stay ahead of the market while it's happening, and make decisions faster and more accurately.


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Meet Maya was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes structured and unstructured data
Handles varied data types: documents, images, audio, graphs
Real-time market trend insights
Accurate customer sentiment analysis
Competitive analysis capability
Supports pricing optimization
Brand reputation analysis tool
Tracks policy changes
Ensures fast and accurate decisions
Integration with modern data warehouses
Research efficiency increase
30% productivity increase
Planning completed in 30 min
Value realization under 1 hour
Perspective summarization
Predictive intelligence
Evolutionary learning technology
Policy changes monitoring
User sentiment analysis tool
Supports market trend understanding
Brand reputation management
Advertising intelligence and price optimization


No offline analysis
Predictive feature limitations
No mobile application
Integration with limited databases
Inability to customize reports
Limited language support
Time delay in analytics


What is Meet Maya?
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Can Meet Maya analyze unstructured data?
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What is the role of Meet Maya in policy changes?
What features does Meet Maya offer like 'Conversational AI' and 'Predictive Intelligence'?
What industries does Meet Maya cater to?
How does Meet Maya's feature of 'Evolutionary Learning' work?
Does Meet Maya offer personalized solutions?
How does Meet Maya perform competitive market analysis?
What insights can Meet Maya provide on user sentiment analysis?
How can I book a demo with Meet Maya?
What are the major benefits of using Meet Maya?
Does Meet Maya have any case studies or use-cases available?
How does Meet Maya handle policy changes analysis?
What resources like blogs, podcasts, or reports does Meet Maya offer?
What kind of customer support does Meet Maya provide?

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