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Meeting assistant for efficient team discussions.
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MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant that helps teams maximize the value of their conversations. It automatically video records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides key insights from every meeting.

With MeetGeek, teams are able to focus on meaningful conversations without the hassle of taking notes. MeetGeek also provides tailored tips to understand where meetings suffer and take immediate action.

It also offers custom branding to present meeting reports, templates to run more focused meetings, workflow and integrations to sync with existing workflows and tools, auto recording and transcription, automatic summaries, highlight and keyword detection, and a repository of conversations.

It is trusted by 2000+ teams worldwide and offers a free sign up with no credit card required.


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MeetGeek was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated video recording
Transcribes meetings
Summarizes meetings
Highlights key insights
Tailored meeting improvement tips
Custom branding for reports
Focus-diverting meeting templates
Workflow synchronization
API tool integrations
Automatic recording and transcription
Automatic summaries
Highlight and keyword detection
Repository for conversations
Trusted by 2000+ teams
No credit card required for sign-up
Track performance with set KPIs
Efficient team collaboration
Security compliance with GDPR
Works with Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook
Works with document repositories like GDrive
Works with collaboration tools like Slack
Works with CRM platforms like Hubspot
Works with Task Management tools like Trello
Suitable for online classes
Suitable for customer calls
Suitable for product & UX Research
Suitable for interviews
Suitable for HR teams
Suitable for C-Level personnel
Suitable for Customer Success teams
Suitable for Marketing teams
Suitable for Sales Teams
Efficient way to capture meeting insights
Searchable meeting transcripts
Allows for meeting insights review
Implements team feedback effectively
Increase in sales performance
Reduces onboarding time
Reduces hiring decision time
Aids in customer retention and satisfaction
Drives marketing insights
Increase in company productivity
Helps reduce unnecessary meetings


Lacks multi-language support
Relies on third-party calendars
Unclear storage limitations
Potential GDPR compliance issues
Dependent on specific meeting platforms
Limited customizability of summaries
No data localization options
No offline mode
Limited integration options
Inability to manually start recording


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Can MeetGeek assist in providing insights on my meetings?
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Can MeetGeek integrate with other apps like Slack, Trello and HubSpot?
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Is MeetGeek suitable for online classes and customer calls?
Does MeetGeek provide tools for team collaboration with meeting transcripts?
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