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Meeting management streamlined, collaboration enhanced.
Generated by ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence platform for meeting management. It uses AI technology to deliver a comprehensive suite of tools designed to make meetings more effective, efficient, and impactful.

The platform focuses on supercharging the pre-meeting planning process by eliminating tedious manual tasks and helping extract insights from meeting data and content.One of the main components of is agenda creation.

It aims to maximize the number of meetings in a week that have well-defined agendas and improve the quality of those agendas. The platform is currently in beta and available for select users.To gain access to, organizations need to have a fully approved version of Decisions running on their Microsoft tenant. is engineered as a service that enhances the Decisions experience for users who opt-in. During the beta phase, access to the platform is complimentary, but eventually, a Decisions subscription package will be required for paid access.Data privacy and security are prioritized in

The platform utilizes Microsoft Azure OpenAI services, hosted within the EU, with a strong focus on data isolation. Inputs and outputs are not shared with other customers or used to improve models.

The AI models used are stateless, ensuring privacy and integrity.Overall, is a powerful tool that leverages AI to streamline meeting management, enhance collaboration, and improve decision-making capabilities.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines meeting management
Enhances collaboration
Helps extract meeting insights
Focuses on pre-meeting planning
Agenda creation feature
Improves agenda efficiency
Beta available for select users
Amplifies Decisions user experience
Data privacy prioritized
Focus on data isolation
Not shared with other customers
Not used to improve models
No data storage in models
Increases decision-making capabilities


Requires Decisions subscription
Only in beta phase
Strict Microsoft tenant conditions
Limited access availability
Only focuses on agendas
Hosted within only EU
No free version planned
No data sharing options
Complimentary only during beta
Platform improves manually


What is
How does streamline the meeting management process?
What features does offer?
What exactly is agenda creation in
How can I gain access to
Do I need to pay to use
Is available for all users?
What does it mean that is in beta?
What is the relationship between and Decisions?
What kind of subscription package is required for
How does prioritize data privacy and security?
Where are the data and services of hosted?
What does 'stateless model' mean in the context of
Can the data and information from be shared with other customers?
How come I need a Decisions subscription to use
Does use AI models to retrain or improve base models?
Can my data on be used to enhance third-party products or services?
How does help extract insights from meeting data?
How does improve the quality of meeting agendas?
How can enhance collaboration in meetings?

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