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Run impactful meetings in minutes.
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Meeting Navigator is an intelligent tool designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your meetings. The unique thing about this tool is that it does not just help you schedule meetings, but also assists you in creating an effective meeting agenda in a few minutes.

This is especially beneficial for popular meeting topics such as sprint-planning, 1-1s, and quick-sync. The tool offers users the flexibility to determine the expected time for meetings, travelling from as low as 15 minutes to beyond 2 hours.

It aids users in setting clear and interactive meeting objectives, thereby allowing effective utilization of the designated meeting time. Moreover, the tool adds a feature for users who don't have MetaMask in their browser, guiding them to download it for effective wallet connection.

This feature implies the utility of the tool in the context of virtual and remote meetings, expanding its horizon beyond traditional physical meetings.

Meeting Navigator is developed by the DailyBot team, known for offering productive solutions to modern work challenges. Note that certain features of the Meeting Navigator might require agreement to Xhibiter's Terms of Service.


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Meeting Navigator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances meeting productivity and efficiency
Agenda creation feature
Useful for sprint-planning
Useful for 1-1s meetings
Useful for quick-sync meetings
Flexibility in meeting duration
Sets clear meeting objectives
Interactive meeting objectives setting
Metamask integration
Supports virtual meetings
Supports remote meetings
Developed by DailyBot team
Possibility to agree to Terms of Service
Useful for various meeting topics
Encourages effective time utilization
Connects to digital wallet
Guides to Metamask download


Requires MetaMask
Doesn't work offline
No short meeting option
Reliant on user inputs
Dependent on Xhibiter's Terms
No multilingual support
Popularity-dependent agenda creation
No mentioned integrations
No availability management
No mobile app mentioned


What does Meeting Navigator do?
What is the unique thing about Meeting Navigator?
How does Meeting Navigator help in creating an effective meeting agenda?
In what contexts is Meeting Navigator particularly beneficial?
What meeting topics does Meeting Navigator support?
How does Meeting Navigator allow the flexibility in expected meeting time?
Can Meeting Navigator assist me in setting clear meeting objectives?
Does Meeting Navigator work for remote and virtual meetings?
What is the function of MetaMask in Meeting Navigator?
How does Meeting Navigator help if I don't have MetaMask in my browser?
Who developed Meeting Navigator?
Why might I need to agree to Xhibiter's Terms of Service for using Meeting Navigator?
What does it mean to 'Connect your wallet' in Meeting Navigator?
How can I get MetaMask for Meeting Navigator?
What components are present on the Meeting Navigator's interface?
How do I determine the expected time for a meeting using Meeting Navigator?
What is the role of Meeting Navigator in sprint planning?
Can Meeting Navigator assist in planning 1-1s?
How does Meeting Navigator contribute to effective time management?
How does Meeting Navigator enable impactful meetings in minutes?

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