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Maximizes meeting productivity via summarization.
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MeetSummary is an AI-powered meeting summarization tool designed to help teams maximize their productivity. It automatically generates accurate and consistent meeting summaries and action items that can be shared with everyone on the team.

With MeetSummary, users can focus on the conversation without having to worry about taking distracting notes. The tool is easy to use and only requires three simple steps: inviting the MeetSummary Bot to the meeting, allowing the Bot to carefully listen, and then receiving the accurate summary in the user's inbox.

MeetSummary is secure and private, as it does not store any of the meeting recordings or summaries, and as soon as the summary is sent, all the information is permanently deleted.

It also offers a free trial of the first three meetings and then just $19 per month for unlimited meetings. MeetSummary is powered by cutting-edge AI, allowing for superhuman accuracy in summarizing conversations.

To demonstrate this, MeetSummary has a demo video of a summary automatically generated from a Zoom meeting, with no characters modified in the result.

Overall, MeetSummary is a powerful tool that can make meetings more efficient and effective by providing accurate summaries and action items.

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Pros and Cons


Generates accurate summaries
Provides consistent action items
Allows undistracted conversation
Easy to use
Secures and maintains privacy
Permanently deletes meeting data
Offers free initial trials
Affordable unlimited meetings
Superhuman accuracy in summarization
Summarizes any type of meeting
Allows more efficient meetings
Universal compatibility
Requires no manual note-taking
Processes information quickly


Has limited integration
Requires bot invitation every meeting
No data storage after summarisation
No offer for enterprise solutions
Expensive after free trial
No text modification allowed
Limited language support
Requires constant Internet connection
Summaries sent only via email
No mobile application available


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