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Mem is a note-taking application powered by artificial intelligence. At its core, it's designed to keep busy professionals organized, particularly those who generate and manage a high volume of information.

Mem goes beyond simple note-taking: it utilizes AI to create an 'extended brain' for each user. Utilizing AI components like GPT-4, it takes note organization to a new level.

Key features include Mem Chat, an AI trained with the user's own notes that can extract specific information, summarize insights, and draft content. The app also offers a 'Related Notes' functionality, showing notes related to the user's current work automatically, bypassing the need for manual organization.

For those who appreciate structure, the AI-powered 'Collections' feature streamlines note curation and organization, making manual tagging systems or complex folder structures unnecessary.

Additionally, Mem uses AI and powerful filters in its 'Smart Search' function to efficiently locate specific notes. Available for offline use and as a native iOS app, Mem promotes synchronization and quick access to saved notes.


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Mem was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Offline mode available
Native iOS application
Utilizes GPT-4 technology
Integrated email sync
Calendar integration support
Zapier integration
Built-in task management
Allows file attachments
Shared templates provided
User groups feature
Automated note organization
Smart search functionality
Information summarization capability
Related notes feature
Streamlined note curation
Seamless note capturing
Time-saving note connection
Powerful filters for search
Custom collections feature
Supports memory extension
Markdown editing
One-click access feature
Real-time syncing capabilities
Rediscover past notes automatically
Custom collections
Useful for various roles
Blazing fast note app
Enhances productivity
Simplifies collaboration
Saves links and websites
Speedy search feature
Allows content drafting
Bootstrap with your past thoughts


No Android app
No non-english language support
Missing feature - voice notes
Lacks integration with other productivity tools
Difficult for non-tech savvy users
User groups - limited sharing
Not designed for visual learners
Content draft - non-contextual suggestions

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