Meme avatars 2023-02-26
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Face-morphing for meme creation and personalization.
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MemeMorph is a face-morphing AI app that enables users to turn themselves into their favorite memes. Using the platform, users can upload a few selfies and let the AI do the rest of the work.

The platform offers over 127+ memes and is powered by the creators of ProfilePicture.AI. After uploading the selfies, users will receive about 50+ memes within an hour.

Additionally, users have the option to build their own memes with the built-in editor. The app is offered as a one-time payment of $6.99 with no subscription required.

MemeMorph is founded in Holland and respects user data. It provides a 25% discount on launch and users have 9 hours left to avail the offer. The platform is easy to use and requires just a few selfies to work.

It is a great way to turn yourself into your favorite memes and share them with your friends.


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Aug 9, 2023
This is already shut down - july 14th- site not working

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Pros and Cons


127+ meme options
Requires only selfies
User data respected
Launch discount 25%
Easy to use
No subscription, one-time payment
Self-meme creation enabled
Built-in meme editor
50+ memes within 1 hour
Stored data delete option
Doesn't sell user data
Regex on photos
Storage in secure US servers
14-day refund policy
Supports multiple photo formats
Invoices available
Unrestricted photo usage


One-time payment
Results take an hour
Requires 20 selfies
No option for real-time morphing
Doesn't support GIF or AVIF
No subscription option
Limited memes
No support for batch upload
No API for integration
Doesn't support all image types


What is MemeMorph?
How does MemeMorph work?
How many memes can I create with MemeMorph?
Who are the creators of MemeMorph?
What is the price of MemeMorph?
Is there a subscription for MemeMorph?
Does MemeMorph offer any initial discounts?
What do I need to start using MemeMorph?
What kind of photos should I upload to MemeMorph?
Where is MemeMorph founded?
How does MemeMorph respect user data?
What are the payment modes accepted by MemeMorph?
Can I get a refund for my purchase of MemeMorph?
Can I use my MemeMorph photos elsewhere?
How secure is my payment to MemeMorph?
Does MemeMorph provide an invoice for the purchase?
Can I edit and customize my memes on MemeMorph?
What happens to my photos after I upload them on MemeMorph?
Why does MemeMorph price its services so high?
Who is the founder of MemeMorph?


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